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B2B smartphones – successful thanks to customization

23. November 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

This post on B2B smartphones was published on LinkedIn on November 19 by Ralf Lueb. The post can be viewed, liked or shared at this link.

It makes total sense that different professions require different means of communication, especially if you consider the often completely different settings they have. While, statistically, traditional offices mainly use desktop phones, things are a whole lot different in workshops. While the focus of the desktop phone in everyday office life is on practical functions, cordless phones for mechanics, hospital staff or hotel employees have to perform completely different, miscellaneous tasks.

This distinction not only applies to regular phones but also to smartphones. The requirements placed on a mobile phone used for business vary greatly depending on the sector. While the sales employee needs a device that looks prestigious and impresses, alongside its high performance, with practical functions such as a large display, wireless charging or contactless data transmission, the needs in the trade and crafts industries are completely different. Gorilla Glass, metal frame and a reinforced injection-molded housing are attributes in these industries that guarantee a long service life.

Tailored to the company 

Today, business (B2B) smartphones are part of the basic setup of any company, which is why its identity should also be reflected in the device. Individual colors and engraved logos on the glass or metallic back make the smartphone a company ambassador, promote employee identification, and protect against theft – we recently put this to the test with IMO car washes.

Just like the external appearance, the inner values must also match the respective corporate context. Preinstalled apps and settings for device management vary depending on the company and the intended purpose. If the device is used primarily for communication, navigation, etc., then different settings are called for than if CRM software and other applications need to be used. IT managers can minimize risks by only activating apps and services that are also really necessary for everyday work.

B2B smartphones: Enabled by Made in Germany

Although what I’ve just described may sound good, it wasn’t, however, effectively available for companies until now. Gigaset changed that when it introduced the first smartphones “Made in Germany” and brought production to Germany. Gigaset is the only company in Europe to produce smartphones in Germany. The leading-edge production lines directly right here in Germany guarantee not only high-quality products but also allow customized smartphones in small volumes. And even if one part should break down, the devices can be repaired down to component level. That’s not only easy on budgets, but also on the environment – and also ensures that no data is unwittingly lost when devices are disposed of.

So, if you’re interested in individual smartphones – customized to suit your company needs – feel free to contact me or one of my colleagues from Gigaset Sales. We look forward to presenting our options to you …

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