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Back to the Office successfully with Gigaset Professional

15. June 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

The easing of restrictions as part of the coronavirus pandemic usually means one thing for many employees: a return to the office. To preserve the improvements in communication at many companies that introduced working from a home office, there must be a good corporate culture – but above all the right infrastructure. Gigaset’s business phones are the ideal answer.

After working at home for a lengthy spell, many employees face a return to the office in the coming days and weeks. The home office has produced far-reaching changes in culture and communication at numerous companies in a very short space of time. And that is often accompanied by the discovery that a presence culture – long thought to be a necessity – can be supplanted thanks to technology. The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung recently cited Gina Szymanski from AEW Capital Management, one of the largest real estate investors in the U.S.: “Long term, such apps will probably have a similar effect on office space requirements as ordering goods online had on retailing.”

In short, there is a growing realization among employees and managers that remote working, virtual meetings and phone calls instead of business trips will not disappear again so soon. A state-of-the-art, high-performance communications infrastructure is vital if this paradigm shift is to succeed.

Professional communications solutions from Gigaset

Gigaset’s professional phones address the needs of employees in a raft of different sectors – both in the desktop and cordless arena. The desktop phones from the Maxwell series are “Made in Germany”, have become a firm part of the telecommunications equipment at many companies since their launch, and deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use features and high-definition audio quality – not only with a handset or headset, but also when the handsfree function is used.

Maxwell_4_sideThe flagship model Maxwell 4 has, apart from its conventional keypad, an intuitive 4.3” touchscreen with freely programmable display buttons. That means users can choose the functions they frequently need directly with a touch and interact with the phone quickly, flexibly and conveniently thanks to touch-and-swipe technology. Automatic zero-touch provisioning allows administrators to configure the Maxwell 4 quickly and easily. Business calls are kept confidential thanks to the customary feature of end-to-end encryption using the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) and a pattern unlock feature. Apart from Maxwell 4, Gigaset offers further models from the same series to meet every communication need.

A new USP: resistance to disinfectant

Apart from offering greater mobility, crystal-clear sound and a long battery life, Gigaset’s cordless phones for business customers have one big point in their favor, especially in the current situation: The S650H PRO and SL750 PRO handsets have a special protective lacquering and so are resistant to disinfectant.

However, achieving that entailed quite a bit of development work: “It’s not easy to make a device that is truly solvent-resistant,” says Kurt Aretz, SVP Quality & Service at Gigaset. “In the course of our development work, we have experimented with admixing copper and silver ions in the plastic. However, we’ve switched to using special lacquering to protect the devices. If we didn’t do that, structured surfaces would soon become smooth and shiny surfaces matt if disinfectants are used on them.”

Scalable communication for every environment

N870 IPApart from the device, the system behind it is also vital for ideal communication. Whether in a small office or at a retail chain with many stores – the single-cell and multi-cell systems from Gigaset mean staff can be reached at all times and enable central management of the handsets in use. The scalable N870 IP PRO multi-cell system is particularly ideal for larger enterprises and institutions, such as factories, hotels and hospitals, and delivers a far-reaching DECT communications network – for up to thousands of employees if desired. On-premise and cloud-based VoIP communication is supported.

The Gigaset N670 IP DECT single-cell system has been designed specifically for dynamically growing companies. Small and medium-sized offices obtain a system that is ready to use right away and, if desired, can be expanded into a multi-cell by means of a software upgrade – ideal for cases where new office space is leased or employees are hired and so there are greater communication needs.

You can find more information on Gigaset’s Professional products here.

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