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Three in one go: C570A duo and trio promotional packages

6. December 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

What happens at your home when the phone rings? Do you start running around, wondering where the thing has got to? Where did I last have it? In the study? On the couch? Oh, perhaps in the kitchen. Searching for the handset often creates a commotion, and not only in houses or larger apartments – the bother also begins on a small scale.

And yes, it’s only human for the handset not to be placed every time in the charging station as soon as the last call was made with it. Why are we writing that? To tell you it’s just plain normal. And, of course, that we have a solution for this little problem. Up to six handsets can be registered on our DECT base stations. They all ring simultaneously, so a phone is always certain to be within range.

And if you opt for a second or third handset when buying our cordless telephone C570A, you can benefit from particularly attractive prices that will apply from mid-November. We’re launching the latest generation of the C570A in an attractive promotional package. You pay just €20 more for a second handset. And the third then costs just €15. Thanks to its separate base station with answering machine, the phones can be set up flexibly throughout the home – on the ground, second and top floors in a house.

Our C570 stands for convenience, ergonomics and classic, straightforward design. All of the functions are easy to access via the handset’s modern, icon-based user interface. The high-contrast 5.8-centimeter TFT color display shows numbers in extra-large format. The local address book stores up to 200 contacts, each with three phone numbers.

The digital answering machine is integrated in the base station and provides up to 30 minutes of recording time. The handsets come with their own charging cradles and can be placed away from the base station and hence also line connection.


Whether duo or trio – the C class always offers Maximum convenience.

When calls are received, the name of the caller is shown on the displays of all registered handsets – provided it’s stored in the local phone book. As with all Gigaset DECT telephones, address book entries can be exchanged between the handsets. Calls can be forwarded to another handset using the consultation and recall function. Another internal call can be held between handsets even during an active external call. That makes the C570A the ideal home phone.

The basic version C570A is available at the recommended retail price of €64.99. A second handset is available for an additional €20 in the DUO pack for €84.99. The third handset in the TRIO pack for €99.99 costs just €15 more. The promotional packages will go on sale in mid-November.


  • Brent 06.05.2021

    Why are so few of these phones avalable in the US?
    It is very frustrating to see ads for your products but then not have access.

    Where can I buy a C575A Duo in the US?

    • Jana Greyling 08.07.2021


      thank you for your question. We have recently set up a shop on Amazon for the US.

      Kind regards

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