For “very good” DECT telephony: PCtipp tests the CL660HX

10. April 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset is the European pioneer of DECT. So it’s no surprise that Gigaset’s cordless phones also fare well in the stringent tests conducted by specialist media. The editors of PCtipp, Switzerland’s largest PC magazine, have just subjected the CL660HX to intense scrutiny. And the universal handset captured the rating “very good” for its ease of use and versatility, yet low price.

PCtipp has always kept a close eye on products from Gigaset: Just this February, the first smartphone “Made in Germany”, the GS185, was tested – and given the overall rating “Good.”

The CL660HX was next in April and even managed to capture the grade “Very good” at a stroke. The test report notes that the 113-gram handset can be connected “quickly, easily and reliably” to a DECT or GAP base station. It also emphasizes that the phone is extremely simple to use thanks to its large and illuminated buttons “with their good pressure point.”

The 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is clear to read. A further advantage apart from handsfree mode is that the device also allows calls to be made using a headset inserted in the 2.5-mm jack. The address book can store up to 400 contacts, while the integrated alarm is further proof of the cordless phone’s versatility.

Following in a successful tradition

Since Gigaset launched the first DECT (DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) telephone system in 1993, the company has defined and enhanced this wireless standard. DECT phones from Gigaset boast the very highest sound quality and a large range, and the standard is also regarded as particularly secure. As an innovation driver and the European market leader, Gigaset has helped reduce radiation and power consumption in the DECT arena to an unprecedented level and is now also setting store by the standard in the smart home sector. The technology, which has been constantly developed further over the past 25 years, can be found in just about every household. Gigaset, which captured the PLUS X AWARD “German Traditional Brand 2019” (bitte verlinken mit Blog Post), has also remained loyal to Germany and develops, produces and services all its products there.

Awards for excellent telephony

The latest test results for the CL660HX are just one of many prestigious accolades for the company: In 2017, the CL660HX was voted the best cordless phone by the readership of the magazine connect. The Gigaset phone also picked up the 2017 Red Dot Award.

The CL660HX can be purchased from the online shop at the price of €69.99.

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