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A corporate vision – the key to a successful future in telecom?

20. October 2016 Published by Raphael Doerr

Hans-Juergen Huber, Senior Vice President Business Costumers at Gigaset pro writes about his opinion about corporate vision

People often ask me where I see Gigaset pro in five or ten years, especially since trends like the cloud, VoIP and data communications are sweeping the telecom market. My answer? In five years Gigaset pro will be a strong partner for European channel partners, in both the cloud market and traditional PBX systems. And not just for SMEs, but for larger organizations in various vertical industry segments as well, such as hotels, retailers and healthcare. In my opinion, it’s important for telecom companies – and especially hardware oriented companies -to create and follow a clear vision to guarantee they will remain successful – or will be even more successful – in the cloud oriented future. To develop such a vision, one should keep a couple of things in mind:

Explore customer demand

Everything revolves around customer demand. Nowadays, more and more customers recognize the advantages of a cloud-enabled business. It offers flexibility, without high investments or extensive maintenance. On the other hand, there are also a lot of customers who prefer a desktop phone. These ‘traditional’ devices offer convenience and speed, since users know exactly how to use them. Not to mention the audio experience – the voice and speech quality of desktop phones is often better than during mobile calls. As a telecom company, it’s your task to investigate customer demands and develop a vision to offer the right solutions and products for every audience.

Adjust your strategy

Having started with a product portfolio focused on small enterprise environments – mostly with fifty or less employees – Gigaset pro will probably shift to the medium and large enterprise segment in the coming years. This vision requires a different strategy. In the first place regarding products. Large organizations require different device features, including security and remote management possibilities. Make sure you employ the right designers and developers to fulfill these needs. It also asks for another sales model. Our current sales model mainly focuses on addressing small, local resellers. For us it’s important they are well-equipped enough to be able to address medium and larger enterprises in the future as well. In the end, their business is our business. That’s why you need to adjust your sales strategy to support resellers both commercially and technically, so they are able to do their jobs.

Know your strengths

At Gigaset pro, we know our strengths. Although we are certified to support cloud communication for various platforms, we don’t see ourselves as cloud provider. However, we believe we are able to offer the best products and devices to offer companies an optimal cloud experience. Because the cloud is one thing, but your customers always need a certain kind of device to interact with it. We focus on two important device users – the end customer and the corporate administrator. Gigaset originally comes from the consumer market and Gigaset pro therefore knows what customers want and invests in products that are well-designed and easy to use.

Involve your team

You can’t create a vision or strategy without involving your employees. Your people need a clear overview of your company’s ideas, to know why it is worth working for you. Make sure you discuss your strategy and vision regularly with employees in various departments within your organization – from sales to development and product management. Because in the end, your business success is always a team effort.

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