Maximum comfort, even for older people: The new Gigaset DA611

17. June 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

With the new DA611 landline phone, Gigaset presents the successor to the popular DA610 corded phone. With the greatest possible focus on convenience, the phone can be recommended for anyone looking for a simple design or, in the case of older people, for those who value features such as buttons, ringtone melodies or display. The ringtones and the handset volume are extra loud and the phone is hearing aid compatible. The large and bright display shows the telephone number, the current date, time and calendar week. The integrated telephone book can hold 100 entries and selected numbers can even be saved as VIP contacts with their own ringtone. This allows for quick and easy contact with family or, in an emergency, with the family doctor.


Many people wish to live self-determined lives – even in old age. As a learned and familiar means of communication, a landline telephone is the first choice for many in order to always be reachable. The Gigaset DA611 meets the needs of older people. The device has a larger display than its predecessor, haptic keys with a clear pressure point, and it is corded. No handset can get lost or needs to be charged, and the phone stays in the same place.

Easy to use

However, the DA611 is by no means only interesting for older people. Its comprehensive comfort features make it popular with all user groups. The Gigaset DA611 can remember the last 50 calls which allows for easy redialing. Ten direct-dial buttons can be used to store important phone numbers such as those of children, grandchildren, neighbors, the family doctor or friends, as well as emergency numbers. The handset volume can be individually adjusted in three stages. The hands-free volume can even be adjusted in seven stages. Additionally, the DA611 is fully compatible with hearing aids.

Festnetztelefon WeißSon or granddaughter?

Selected phonebook entries can be marked as VIP contacts and be provided with their own melody, so you can already hear who is calling at the sound of the ringtone. The name of the caller is simultaneously shown on the display. The particularly loud ringtones and a visual signal on the phone ensure that no call is missed. Another practical function is the muting of the microphone. When activated at the touch of a button, the caller hears a waiting melody. The Gigaset DA611 can be set up as an extension of a telephone system or as a main line.


Radiation? Zero!

Gigaset is a pioneer in cordless fixed-network phones with DECT technology. The handsets only emit as much power as is necessary for a stable connection to the base station. In ECO Mode Plus, the transmitting power is reduced by 100% in standby mode even when several handsets are registered. This applies to the new DA611-model in general. The corded device is completely radiation-free and thus also meets the needs of particularly sensitive users.

Prices and availability

The Gigaset DA611 is available in the classic colors black and white. The fixed-network phone is available immediately in the Gigaset Online Shop as well as in stationary and online retail stores for 49.99 euros (RRP).

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