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Digital guard while you holiday

19. July 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Relax fully on vacation thanks to Gigaset smart home
Holidays are the best time of the year – if only there wasn’t the niggling worry about your own four walls. Homes are frequently unprotected for a lengthy time, especially when the inhabitants are on vacation. Burglars know that. They often have an easy job of breaking in because the security technology on windows and doors is out-of-date. Or there isn’t any. The risk of damage from water or fire also leaves an uneasy feeling among some of us while on holiday. Modern smart home-based security systems can prevent burglaries and notify you of unforeseen incidents. So you can stay easy and relaxed on vacation and whenever you’re away from home.

Gigaset has been making the home more secure and convenient for years with its Smart Home systems. As an innovation leader, Gigaset offers an ecosystem that is based on sensors, the cloud and an app and whose hardware and software is being constantly expanded. The smart, modular solution gives everyone a feeling of security – and can be tailored to individual needs.
At the core of the Gigaset Smart Home alarm systems are motion detectors and sensors attached to windows and doors. The sensors register forced entry and the system notifies users via the Gigaset smart home app. The optional alarm siren scares off burglars with its penetrating acoustic signal. And the likewise optional Gigaset smart camera allows you to see what’s going on at home at all times when you’re away and to automatically document what has happened and store that information in the cloud – even in complete darkness thanks to night-vision mode.

House empty, light on


Anyone familiar with how a smart home works knows that interoperability with other systems is a key aspect. Extension modules deliver additional sensible features: The system is fully compatible with Philips Hue lights, for example. That means you can program light routines while on vacation so as to give the impression that someone is at home. And if there is a break-in, the system can turn on all the lights to full brightness to deter the burglar. Incidentally, lights not compatible with Hue can be upgraded with the Gigaset smart plug – the adapter then enables other devices to be controlled with Gigaset’s system.
But what use is a message sent to your mobile phone when someone tries to break into your home and you’re far away on vacation? Gigaset has teamed up with the AXA insurance group to offer an out-of-the-ordinary service: The Gigaset smart security guard is the professional way to protect your own home. In the event of a burglary, users can alert a member of the security service directly using the Gigaset smart home app. The staff member then takes care of the matter – including alerting the local police, arranging for initial measures to safeguard the home and repair damage, and instigating emergency actions.

Alarm in the event of water and smoke

Water damage as a result of leaking taps or over-aged washing machines and dishwashers is annoying. Smoldering fires, due to faulty cables, for example, can even put lives at risk. The remedy is the Gigaset elementary pack, the smart package offering all-round protection against fire and water. The sensors instantaneously inform users of impending danger by means of the app and an acoustic alarm. The water sensor comprises a radio unit that is attached to the wall and connected to the Smart Home system, and a detector that controls whether water collects on the floor. This extension also enables the smart home app to display the temperature and humidity in the room and emit an alarm if the detector comes into contact with water – for instance, if a pipe breaks or water leaks out of the washing machine. The water sensor can also be purchased separately and integrated in the Gigaset ecosystem.

There are virtually no limits to the variety of combinations possible with Gigaset’s modular systems: Up to 60 sensors can be used simultaneously. And data protection is a prime concern for Gigaset. The sensors and the base station are connected via DECT ULE, a wireless technology that offers a high level of protection against hackers. The solution is linked to the app via Gigaset’s own cloud, which is hosted in Germany and likewise establishes a secure connection to the base station via a VPN tunnel, without the need for local ports to be enabled. That means there are no gaps to enable potential attacks on the Internet router and that all the data is secure.

You can find more information at https://www.gigaset.com/.

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