German test portal ‘Alles Beste’ issues purchase recommendation for Gigaset E290 phone

5. March 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

The test portal “Alles Beste” has issued a purchase recommendation for the E290 as a telephone for senior citizens. The Gigaset E290 is a solidly equipped and simply designed phone. The device has a very modern design with generously sized buttons, a large and easy-to-read display and a basic shape. It is therefore recommended for a wide range of customer groups.

“The Gigaset E290HX is particularly easy to operate thanks to the extra-large buttons, two direct-dial keys and the large display,” concluded the test editors of Alles Beste.


“We are delighted to receive this award,” says Anne Dickau, SVP Products at Gigaset. “The purchase recommendation shows how wide the range of use for our phones is. We’re delighted that we can generate positive momentum – even with a basic model”.

Large font, perfect contrast

Gigaset E290 Mood 1Especially with telephone numbers consisting of many digits one can quickly struggle to read what is on the display. The large, backlit black-and-white display of the Gigaset E290 can be adjusted to your preferred contrast level to facilitate optimum readability. In jumbo mode, all digits are displayed extra-large. Additionally, the so-called single icon mode, i.e. one icon per screen, makes navigation in the menu particularly easy.


Always at hand, thanks to additional handsets

Gigaset E290 Mood 2It is often not possible to answer a call in time. By adding handsets to your Gigaset landline system, you will always have a phone at hand. Whether in the kitchen, living room or in your home office. The E290HX is the ideal extension for existing telephone systems (a maximum of 4 handsets can be added).

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