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The Gigaset gift finder – the right smartphone for everyone Part 2

10. December 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

After the hullabaloo of Black Friday comes the peaceful advent season – and with it the sometimes highly desperate search for the right gift. We at Gigaset feel sure that every family member can find what they want from our 2019 portfolio of smartphones!

Daughter Catharine (15)

Cathy loves to hang out on Instagram, Snapchat and Netflix. She watches her latest favorite series from wherever she is. The Gigaset GS280 is perfect for that: The streaming powerhouse comes at a low price, boasts a powerful battery and has a large display.

Gigaset GS280: Das Videostreaming-Monster made in GermanyThat makes it ideal for streaming videos, no matter where you happen to be. The smartphone can also charge other devices on-the-go via a USB connection and so acts as a power bank. The smartphone, which is available in two classy colors, is Made in Germany, namely at our factory in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia. Yet the Gigaset GS280 can do more than just stream videos: The 16-megapixel camera takes pin-sharp photos, while calls in significantly higher voice quality are possible thanks to HD Voice. In the first three months after purchase, Gigaset will repair any damage to the display or due to moisture free of charge. The GS280 is available for €249 (RRP).

Aunt Alice (38)

Alice loves sending photos and voice messages from wherever she is. That can soon gobble up battery power with a conventional smartphone. Gigaset’s GS110 is an entry-level smartphone that offers a long battery life and replaceable shells.

Gigaset_GS110_ColorsThe GS110 is the smartphone for the discriminating and price-conscious. Although the entry-level smartphone is in the price class below €120, it unites a large number of practical features: The 6.1-inch display extends right to the upper rim of the smartphone, while the front camera is located in a notch. The device uses facial recognition technology to enable it to be unlocked quickly and easily. The battery can be replaced and there are also replaceable shells for the GS110 in the stylish colors British Racing Green, Azure Blue and Titanium Grey. The GS110 need not fear comparison as regards its technical features, either: The fast octa-core processor in conjunction with Android 9 ensures that all standard applications run smoothly. The GS110 also has a triple card slot for two nano SIM cards and a microSD memory card. The GS110 is available for €119 (RRP).

Cousin Benjamin (21)

Ben wants a no-frills device that must be functional and have staying power.

With its 6.1-inch large display, long battery life and 13-megapixel camera, the GS190 offers everything you can expect of a state-of-the-art smartphone. It is equipped with the latest Android 9.0 Pie operating system and the triple card slot enables simultaneous use of two nano SIM cards and a microSD card. That means the internal memory can be expanded from 16 GB to up to 256 GB – ample space for photos, video and music. As customary with phones from Gigaset, the GS190 impresses with its high voice quality. It is ideal for all users who want value for money. The GS190 is available for €169 (RRP).




Mom Susanne (43)

Susanne attaches a lot of importance to a neat outfit and accessories to match – best of all from the shop around the corner, so that everything doesn’t have to be flown halfway round the world. That makes the GS195 the ideal gift for Susanne – a powerful smartphone in a glass design and with grass packaging.

The GS195 is already Gigaset’s third smartphone “Made in Germany.” The elegant device with its glass rear is shipped with the Android 9.0 Pie operating system and impresses with its stability, power and battery life. Voice over LTE and Voice over Wi-Fi ensure outstanding voice quality. There is a further treat for design lovers: If desired, the GS195 can be personalized with an individual engraving. The 6.18-inch display with its 19:9 aspect ratio is wonderful for streaming videos and the cameras also deliver pin-sharp photos. The GS195 can be unlocked with a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition technology and so boasts state-of-the-art features. The smartphone comes in an eco-friendly packaging made of grass – that saves resources and is good for our planet. The GS195 is available for €199 (RRP).

Dad Michael (48)

Michael travels a lot in his job and yet doesn’t want to miss anything in the family chat. Having to take two phones along with him has long been an irritation for him. So the Gigaset GS290 is the perfect companion for Michael.

The GS290 is the business-class model from Gigaset at an economy price. The device’s highlights, apart from its customary powerful battery and large display, are wireless charging, NFC and the dual main camera with ArcSoft® optimization. When the Gigaset GS290 finally needs to be charged, that has never been so convenient. The device supports wireless charging – simply place it on a compatible cradle and the GS290 recharges super-fast and wirelessly at up to 15 watts. The GS290 is likewise “Made in Germany” and comes in a recyclable, compostable grass packaging comprising – to a proportion of 30 percent – grass fibers from the region around Bocholt. The Gigaset GS290 is available in the colors Pearl White and Titanium for €269 (RRP).


Uncle Christian (46)

Chris expects his smartphone to have very special capabilities. Days on the building site can last long and in his leisure time he likes to go mountain biking or camping in his new motorhome. His smartphone has to be particularly rugged and have a lot of stamina. The Gigaset GX290 will let him make lengthy tours next summer – without the need for a power bank. 

The Gigaset GX290 is the reliable companion that defies water, dust and knocks. Weighing in at 279 grams and IP68 certified, the GX290 is dust- and water-proof and even survives being dropped into pools or onto a hard surface. Whether skiing downhill at a giddy pace, on a wild rafting tour or in demanding everyday work on a building site – a ruggedized smartphone has to meet similar requirements at work and play: It must deliver the right battery power and camera functions so that the device can keep working all day long and reliably document events or situations. Gigaset’s batteries are traditionally powerful, but the GX290 adds an extra helping of energy. The Gigaset GX290 in Titanium Grey with orange design lines is available for €299 (RRP).

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