So many must-have extras: The new Gigaset E720

9. July 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset is expanding its portfolio of fixed-line phones with a new high-end device: The E720 is easy to use and boasts the customary high-quality finish. The DECT phone supports the whole family in every situation, whether in everyday life or emergencies. Its useful features, such as a talking keypad, protection against unwanted calls or direct transfer of the call to a hearing aid, make phoning fun again, including for persons with special needs or physical impairments.

The cordless Gigaset E720 fixed-line phone comes in three variants: with or without an answering machine and as an HX universal handset as an extension to existing DECT base stations or for direct operation on compatible DECT and CATiq routers.

All models have one thing in common: exceptional audio quality.
The optimized acoustics ensures calls can be Gigaset_E720A_Life_Seriesunderstood very clearly, even in handsfree mode. If the background noise is a little louder, that’s also no problem for the Gigaset E720. The software automatically adjusts the ringtone and handset volume to the surroundings and the noise cancellation feature filters the background noise. And if the handset volume needs to be a little higher, all it takes is a gentle touch of the function key at the side of the handset.

Some of the E series models already had hearing aid compatibility, but Gigaset has gone a step further with the E720: Calls can now be transferred directly to a compatible Phonak, Unitron or Hansaton hearing aid via Bluetooth 4.2. That means hearing-impaired persons can experience greater convenience and a completely new sound quality when they phone.

“That makes life a whole lot easier for people who wear a hearing aid,” says Marcus Kluth, Product Manager at Gigaset. “The phone and hearing aid don’t usually go together. Users either have the problem of back coupling or need to take off their hearing aid before calling. Now the hearing aid is transformed into a handsfree receiver.”

“Matthew’s calling”

The Gigaset E720 comes in sleek black with elegant chrome elements. The generously sized 2.2” TFT color display and large illuminated keys on the handset help make it easy to operate. Anyone who needs assistance when dialing can use “Voice Announcement”, another new feature on Gigaset phones: Every number dialed is read out loud when its key is pressed and the names of the contacts stored in the phone book are announced – acoustic feedback that is a great boon for users whose vision is impaired.

If a number has been stored in the phone book, the device says the name or number when a call is received, so that users know right away who is phoning. A visual signal is also possible: The display lights up in an attention-catching green when a stored contact calls – all family and friends can be stored conveniently in the phone book, which has space for up to 200 names and three numbers for each of them. The brightly illuminated display also has a magnifier function and four color schemes in black, white, green and blue, which is very useful for persons with color vision deficiency.

Prevent the grandchild scam with the Gigaset E720

Unwanted calls are annoying and are disconcerting for senior citizens in particular. The Gigaset E720 can protect users against them if desired: Anonymous or unknown numbers can only be displayed visually or completely suppressed. If the “Contacts Only” function is set, only calls from trusted numbers stored in the user’s own address book are put through. And as is familiar from other Gigaset devices, individual numbers can be blacklisted and will be refused.


Security has top priority

The Gigaset E720 is a convenient phone for families, but it also makes communication easier in particular for the elderly or people with special needs. If the speed dial key A is pressed, a chain of emergency calls is initiated and up to four stored numbers are dialed one after the other until someone picks up the phone. That means people in an emergency do not have to search at length for the right number, but can simply press one key. This feature is also familiar from Gigaset’s mobile phones for seniors.

If parents or grandparents have not been in touch for long and also do not answer calls, that causes a lot of worry among family members. It is not always possible for them to go in person to the home of whom they called. The Gigaset E720 boasts an automatic call answering function. That means selected persons can listen into the room and speak to the person in an emergency. That is possible only following dual authentication and for previously defined numbers.

Radiation-free thanks to ECO DECT

For many years now, Gigaset’s tried-and-proven ECO DECT technology has cut power consumption by the devices by 60 percent and reduced their transmitting power to precisely the level required to ensure a stable connection between the handset and base station. The devices are even completely radiation-free in standby mode. As a result, the handset is ready for use for up to 300 hours – more than 12 days – without having to be recharged.

The Gigaset E720 series goes on sale at the Gigaset online shop as well as retail business from July 2020 at an RRP of €97,47 for the versions without answering machine and HX universal handset and at an RRP of €116,96 for the E720A version with an answering machine.


  • JURANCIC Igor 10.05.2021

    Is it possible to change the language on Gigaset E 720 with answering machine, to english?
    Do you shipp to Slovenia?
    Kind regards

  • Batmanabane LOGANADANE 05.07.2021

    CE720 : Can calls be transferred directly to a siemens hearing aid via Bluetooth 4.2.

    • Jana Greyling 08.07.2021


      thank you for your question. The Gigaset E720 is compatible with Phonak, Unitron and Hansaton hearing aids and potentially with other brands whose products support Bluetooth with HSP and HFP protocols.

      Kind regards

  • niall 21.03.2022

    please could I check if HX and A models are compatible thank you

  • Nadia 13.09.2023

    Is this E720 cordless BT telephonet with answering machine available for purchase and use in Canada?

    • Raphael Doerr 27.10.2023

      Hi Nadia,
      unfortunately there is no E720 for Canada.

      Best, ^RD

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