Gigaset life series – phones with a focus on ergonomics, convenience and security

14. June 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset is to unite some of its cordless DECT phones and the Euroset 5040 desktop phone for people in the second half of their life and their families under the “life series” product line. The life series embodies products that are distinguished by their great ergonomics, convenience and security. Gigaset has optimized voice quality and comprehensibility through flexible acoustic profiles and special volume controllers, and enables names and numbers to be read easily thanks to large fonts on a high-contrast display. A particular focus is on haptics and the keypad, not only as regards size and illumination, but also the pressure point and lettering. The models’ user interface is clear and intuitive. That means the phones unite all the features best agers and their families want. Anyone who prefers a corded device can depend on the Euroset 5040 desktop phone with its large illuminated keys and display to match.

Our society is aging. And many people want to live an independent life in their own home for as long as possible. That is the conclusion of a recent study by the market research institute Innofact on behalf of ThyssenKrupp*. However, that also requires everyday helpers who assist elderly people, but do not overextend them.

Gigaset addresses precisely that demand with its cordless DECT phones: “For years, Europe’s market leader in the field of telephony has grappled with the question: How can we combine ergonomics, convenience and security in our phones so as to help people, in particular those with physical limitations as regards hearing, sight, use of hands or mobility, so that they can continue to lead an autonomous, self-determined life as they grow older?” explains Michael Zenz, Head of Product Management Voice Products at Gigaset. That includes being able to phone quickly in an emergency, as well as being easy to reach when children or grandchildren call to ask whether their grandparents are alright.

Gigaset life series – convenient operation in a superior design

“Gigaset has a long history when it comes to phones for the elderly. The first such model, the E150, was launched back in 2003 under the Siemens brand, with features being continuously improved since then and complemented by new innovations. We feel it important to show that functionality and design are ageless. The technology is designed so that it is useful and not intimidating. The menu navigation and usability are kept simple and self-explanatory,” adds Michael Zenz.

The DECT phones in the Gigaset life series are tailored ergonomically to the needs of an elderly generation: When people are not as mobile on foot or cannot use their hands as flexibly as before, or their sight or hearing are impaired, complicated technology and increasingly compact phones do not offer any added convenience and advantages in use. What matters instead are:

  • A good grip and haptics, large keys and perceptible pressure points so that numbers can be dialed and the menu operated with ease
  • Clear displays in a large font and with high contrast so that they can be read easily even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Flexible volume control or visual signals indicating incoming calls, as well as extra-loud modes and compatibility with digital hearing aids
  • Clear and intuitive user interfaces, self-explanatory menu navigation and intuitive help functions
  • SOS functions or an additional handsfree clip to give more security. The clip can be attached to clothing, has a large range and acts as an emergency call button if required.

The models in the Gigaset life series

The current models in the Gigaset life series are the product families E370 and E560 in their various types of configuration. These cordless DECT phones are distinguished by a large range and maximum flexibility. The offering is rounded out by the corded Euroset 5040 desktop phone.

The E370 is a multi-generational phone. A special highlight in the large 2.2-inch TFT color display with a simple user interface. Its high-precision keypad is likewise generously sized. Users can choose between two acoustic profiles that specially emphasize either the high or low frequency range. The volume can be adjusted in five levels and can also be doubled right away by a single touch of the “extra loud” key. The volume is automatically reset until the next call.

The direct dialing function on the large-button phone means important contact persons can be reached at the touch of a key. The right-hand function key serves as an emergency call button with an SOS function. Up to four numbers can be stored under it and are called in the event of an emergency. The Gigaset E370 also offers hearing aid compatibility (HAC). That means the sound quality is preserved for users with hearing aids and so calls can be made without irritating noises. The E370A model comes with an answering machine. The base station and handset can be positioned separately. The E370HX and E560HX models can be connected to Internet routers based on DECT.

The Gigaset E560A PLUS is a convenience bundle comprising a fixed-line phone with an answering machine and the L470 emergency handsfree clip. The latter can be worn comfortably on a belt and is inconspicuous with its weight of just 30 grams and size of 8 cm. It is suitable for everyday telephony without the need for the cordless phone to be nearby. If need be, an emergency call is sent to four preset numbers as the touch of a button. The handset and handsfree clip are registered and linked to each other ex works, which makes it easy to put them into operation. The answering machine visually indicates calls on the basis of LED flashes, meaning users can even see from a distance whether someone is phoning.

The E560 has extensive features and is ideal for operation on an analog connection. It has the same range of functions as the E560A PLUS, but without an answering machine and a handsfree clip. Both models are distinguished by extra-large, illuminated keys, a large, high-contrast color display and certified HD sound quality. The E560 models also boast hearing aid compatibility and an “extra loud” key to double the handset’s volume.

The E370 and E560 models in the Gigaset life series support environmentally-friendly ECO DECT technology. That means the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to reflect the distance between the base station and the handset and so is minimal. Important features for security and convenience are also additional functions such as an answering machine or an LED that indicates calls on the E560 models and can also be used as an integrated torch. As a result, users do not miss any calls or messages. Callers also have the assurance that the person they wished to talk with will call back after listening to the answering machine.

The Euroset 5040 desktop phone is ideal for users who would prefer a corded phone. The large keys are illuminated, as is the display, which can be adjusted horizontally up to an angle of 60 degrees. An integrated motion sensor automatically switches on the display and keypad illumination when the user approaches the phone. A further advantage: Calls from the six most important contacts can be taken without any contact – the phone switches to handsfree mode to permit that. The Euroset 5040 desktop phone offers hearing aid compatibility, the handset’s volume can be adjusted individually and six name keys mean the most important numbers can be dialed quickly.

The phones from the Gigaset life series are available from specialty retailers and in the Gigaset online shop. The E370 models starts from €49.99 and the E560 from €79.99, while the Euroset 5040 costs €59.99.

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