The Gigaset N670 IP PRO grows with the company

27. June 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

The new Gigaset N670 IP PRO offers business customers performance and maximum flexibility to deal with future growth. It supports 20 users, SIP accounts and handsets, can handle eight simultaneous calls, thus enabling a broad range of uses for DECT telephony in the business arena. The base station is compatible with numerous on-premise and cloud-based telephone systems and supports all handsets from Gigaset’s Professional series. If a company’s requirements increase, for example, because it needs more extensions or its floor space expands, the N670 IP PRO can be upgraded in the future with a license to a multi-cell system1.

Modern DECT communication solutions deliver complete freedom of movement in challenging work environments, need minimum cabling, and are easy to install and maintain. As Europe’s DECT pioneer, Gigaset not only makes cordless phones for millions of households worldwide, but also professional telephone systems at its Bocholt site in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The N670 IP PRO DECT base station delivers greater performance and simplifies administration. The device merely needs an Ethernet port for connectivity and supplying power, and the handsets require just one socket for the charging station – everything else works without cables. “The N670 IP PRO embodies all the expertise we’ve amassed with professional IP DECT systems over the past years,” says Norbert Cremer, Head of Product Management Business Solutions at Gigaset. “We wanted to create an even better, more flexible and more powerful IP DECT base station, one offering the customary ease of installation, great convenience and comprehensive security. Yet the real highlight for our customers is that they can expand it into a multi-cell system with a license upgrade1.” Gigaset is positioning the N670 IP PRO between the N510 IP PRO and the N870 IP PRO multi-cell system.

Setup and handset management

The intuitive web-based user interface with an online help, XML-based configuration files, PBX- profiles and support for standard protocols means the device is quick and easy to set up. Administrators benefit from zero-touch configuration with auto-provisioning. That makes it simple for handsets from Gigaset’s Professional series to be provisioned remotely via IPUI and registered locally. Contacts can be called up via LDAP/XML/XSI interfaces or from the central N670 phone book. Specific XHTML applications can be created to provide end users with data and functions at the handset with menu guidance.

From the single-cell to the multi-cell system

The N670 IP PRO is an investment in the future: If the floor space or number of users at an organization increases, the N670 IP can be expanded into a multi-cell system with an upgrade license1. Additional base stations cover multiple stories or buildings and ensure users can be reached everywhere. That makes the N670 IP PRO interesting for growing and aspiring companies in particular.

Central management

Central user management is vital for companies that have multiple locations and branches. A software solution allows N670 IP PRO devices at different locations to be configured and managed centrally and with ease.1


DECT technology is digital and encrypted, which means all calls have maximum protection against tapping. End-to-end security is ensured with the SRTP/SIPS/TLS, LDAP(S) and HTTPS protocols.

Sales and support

With its Professional products, Gigaset offers IP cordless and desktop phones and single- and multi-cell systems for flexible use in the business arena. Thanks to Gigaset’s many years of cooperation with leading manufacturers of telephone systems, the products integrate smoothly in a large number of existing or new telecommunications infrastructures.

The Professional products are sold exclusively through certified vendors of IT, telecommunications and enterprise systems. That ensures customers have a local partner who not only provides advice and assistance in buying and installing them, but also constantly offers the very best service for the telecommunications infrastructure.

More information is available at www.gigasetpro.com. A complete and up-to-date list of compatible platforms, providers and handsets can be found at www.wiki.gigasetpro.com.

1 In preparation; will be available at a later date


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