Gigaset N870E IP PRO multi-cell system with external antennas: Perfect DECT coverage in special environments

16. November 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset has expanded its DECT multi-cell portfolio with the N870E IP PRO. The system has two removable external antennas, whose angle and alignment can be adjusted. Depending on the environment, that reduces interference and reflections and improves propagation of the radio waves. Third-party antennas can also be connected using two TNC connectors – separate from the base station, if required. The N870E has the same range of functions and upgrade options as the Gigaset N870 IP PRO multi-cell system and can be used in mixed operation. Both devices are easy to administer and can be used with many IP PBX systems from well-known manufacturers – both on premise and in the cloud.

With its two external antennas, the new N870E IP PRO is equipped to tackle completely different scenarios: The antennas’ angle can be adjusted between 45 and 90 degrees, ensuring coverage in production halls, stairwells or parking lots. While the standard N870 IP PRO multi-cell systems have proven their value indoors, the N870E IP PRO can also be used to deliver coverage outdoors. As an alternative to the antennas that come with it, antennas from other vendors can also be used thanks to two TNC connectors. The antennas are connected via cable and can be adjusted individually. As a result, the device can be installed in a cabinet or inside a building in order to protect it against vandalism or weather conditions. That dispenses with the need for a costly outdoor casing.

Seamless roaming and handover

The N870 Integrator software can be used to connect up to 100 individual DECT manager systems, each with 250 handsets and 60 base stations, to create large handover domains: Employees can be reached with their DECT handsets anywhere on the grounds, even over large areas, and can phone without any interruption. Administrators can manage the overall system conveniently and from a central point using the Integrator software. Fault tolerance is ensured by VMware redundancy. With the managed N870 and N870E IP PRO DECT systems, employees can also be reached at various locations under their company number. A VPN connection between the sites is required for such cross-site networking. That makes the N870 and N870E IP PRO a flexible IP DECT solution for any size – one that can be scaled up to 6,000 base stations and 20,000 users even for large companies and groups.

New handsets for multi-cell systems

The S700H PRO and SL800H PRO, which were launched just this year (2021), are ideally tailored to Gigaset’s single-cell and multi-cell systems. With their large displays and extensive software features, the two devices offer all the functions needed by dynamically scaling companies.

True all-rounders in everyday use – the S700H PRO and SL800H from Gigaset

While the S700H PRO acts as an all-rounder for daily use in the office, the SL800H PRO offers a winsome design in a compact format. The handsets impress with their familiar ease of use, appealing design, ruggedness, staying power and top value for money industry-wide.

Zero-touch provisioning

Just like the standard model, the new Gigaset N870E IP PRO is interoperable with many IP PBX systems – such as the Asterisk and Broadsoft platform, Starface, nfon, 3CX, Wirecloud, ansitel or reventix. Security features and easy mass configurability using the web-based user interface make the administrator’s work easier. The DECT technology ensures secure, stable and smooth voice connections. Good DECT coverage over the entire area can be planned and implemented with the Gigaset DECT measuring case.

Availability and specifications

Gigaset distributes its Professional portfolio through a network of qualified partners – these include IT and telecommunications providers as well as value added resellers (VAR) and enterprise system providers. The partners advise, sell and install Gigaset Professional solutions and offer customers other services. A local partner can always be found using the Gigaset dealer locator. The N870E IP PRO multi-cell system will be available to qualified retailers via distribution from Q1/2022.

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