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Gigaset receives Plus X Award as Specialized Trade Brand of the Year

28. October 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Hand in hand with retail for the best for the customer: Gigaset is one of the best-known telecommunications brands in the world. The products of the long-established manufacturer can be found in 56 countries across the globe. Quality, design, functionality and sustainability characterize all the products and solutions of the company, which can be found statistically in Europe in every second household. Whether with regard to products for private customers (B2C) or corporate customers (B2C), Gigaset has been a strong partner to specialty retailers for decades. This commitment is now being rewarded and honored by the prestigious Plus X Award as Specialized Trade Brand of the Year.

In addition to its seven established seals of approval for innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology, the Plus X Award, the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, also presents special awards at regular intervals to draw attention to special achievements by brands and companies. One of these is the special award for Specialized Trade Brand of the Year 2021, which Gigaset received due to its cooperative partnership with its thousands of trading partners.

Gigaset stands for a special partnership approach to working with specialty retailers.

With its special award, the Plus X Award acknowledges brands that have made a notable contribution in cooperative partnership with retailers; brands that support retailers with training programs and accompanying measures that boost sales.

The award of Specialized Trade Brand of the Year is not based on the judgment of the Plus X Award expert jury, as is otherwise customary, but on a Germany-wide survey for which Plus X Award with its partner media calls on specialty retailers to vote for their preferred brand.

Specialty retail is Gigaset’s most important partner

“The significance of specialty retail is greater than ever today. It is important and makes sense to protect and support these sales channels,” says Ralf Lueb, SVP Global Sales at Gigaset. “Online retail is, of course, becoming increasingly attractive, and is also extremely practical for many product groups in the low interest segment. However, mispurchases are also made online through ignorance, and the consulting expertise of the specialty retailer is indispensable in the B2B segment.”

The cooperative partnership between Gigaset and retailers – despite e-commerce and digitalization – is becoming increasingly important, also as a way of keeping customers happy.

“We are very proud of being named Best Specialized Trade Brand of the Year 2021, especially since it’s an accolade that we have received from our retail partners,” Ralf Lueb adds. “The award shows that Gigaset and all my colleagues in sales have worked very responsibly and in partnership with retail and skilled trade sector, for which I also thank all my colleagues.”

The Gigaset sales concept

Alongside the widespread availability of B2C products in established online and retail channels, Gigaset also markets its B2B portfolio through a network of qualified partners that include IT and telecommunications providers, value added resellers (VAR), and providers of enterprise systems. The partners offer advice, sell and install the Gigaset Professional solutions, and offer customers other services. Click here for more information on Gigaset’s B2B partners.

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