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Gigaset Smart Call Block: Intelligent cloud protection against unwanted calls

19. July 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

A nice evening watching a movie – that then gets interrupted by annoying cold calls. Complaints to the Federal Network Agency about being harassed by phone calls, being contacted by opinion research firms or receiving ping calls that provoke an expensive, chargeable callback are on the rise. Commercial call centers keep on coming up with new strategies to achieve their goal. The Smart Call Block from Gigaset is a remedy.

Don’t put up with being disturbed any longer: The new cloud-based Smart Call Block from Gigaset compares unknown phone numbers with the constantly growing online database of our partner tellows and also leverages the experience of other users who have been or are likewise pestered. Unknown numbers are assessed and categorized systematically so that you are warned about unwanted calls. The dynamic, learning Smart Call Block service delivers up-to-date and extensive protection.

Explained in 140 seconds

How it works: Numbers are identified and calls suppressed

If your phone recognizes an unwanted number from the device’s internal blacklist or with the aid of the cloud-based Smart Call Block service, it does not ring as usual. You can choose how you want to protect against such calls: Your phone either suppresses the ringtone and you can see who is calling only from the illuminated display or the call is completely suppressed. Whatever you decide – you have your peace and quiet and aren’t disturbed by bothersome calls.

Fully informed: The display shows who is calling

Thanks to the Gigaset Smart Call Block, there are finally no longer any unpleasant surprises in store when you pick up the phone: Your display supplies all information about the caller. If he or she is in the public directory, his or her name appears on the display. The caller is also assessed for you on the basis of color codes denoting four levels – from “trustworthy” to “dangerous.” If relevant information is available, additional tips – such as “aggressive advertising,” “cost trap” or “opinion research” – are even shown to help you form a obtain a better picture about what the unknown callers want.

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