Gigaset Smartphones, the Answer for your Business?

13. April 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Talking to customers, sending e-mails to colleagues, storing and sharing important files, accessing customer data by connecting to your CRM. In a lot of industries, the smartphone is becoming the most important business tool. Not surprising, since modern mobile phones offer almost the same business communications facilities as those offered to employees in the office.

At Gigaset we are also well aware of the fact that mobile telephony is crucial in our modern society – for both consumers and businesses. With our mobile product portfolio, we provide customers with qualitative, accessible mobile solutions and smartphones. Solutions that are also perfect for the business market.

Here are five reasons why a Gigaset smartphone is the best match for your business communications environment.

German quality secures 24 months of warranty

At Gigaset our prime focus is quality. That’s why products are submitted to strict quality tests. This includes environmental tests, for example regarding the influence of storage, temperature and transport. But also long term duration tests, to ensure lifetime of keypads and other parts, and acoustical tests. The very low return and error rates of our devices, prove that this extensive testing pays off. And because of these tests, we are also able to offer our mobile users better warranty. That is a 24-month full warranty, including your smartphone battery.

Open standard and customization

Every business is different, and we can imagine your business has specific needs regarding mobile communication. A lot of smartphones come with pre-installed apps and features, often based on consumer needs. For your business however, these apps might be of little value. It’s possible that you need more dedicated apps to serve your business solutions, or that you don’t need pre-installed apps at all. At Gigaset, we are working hard on software variety to be able to pre-install specific apps, to meet the specific demands of every customer. Because in the end, your mobile solution is meant to support your business.

Integration with your environment

One of the advantages of the Gigaset smartphones, is that they are compatible with any other business communications solutions. So it’s easy to integrate a desktop phone, cordless phone and a smartphone in one network from the services point of view. And from a product point of view it’s easy to integrate our all-in-one Maxwell 10s desktop device. It offers full Android software capability and thanks to a similar user interface, it is possible to share apps that can be used on both the Maxwell 10s and a smartphone. As a result, businesses are able to integrate their desktop device and mobile solutions, to make sure employees are able to have all the required features at their disposal – wherever and whenever they want.

Custom-made devices

Since we are located in Germany, we benefit from short communications lines. This not only results in short production times, but also allows us to manufacture custom-made products. Whether you are looking for personalized smartphones with employee’s names laser-printed on the back, customized back covers or specific combinations of smartphones and accessories; we are able to deliver custom-made products, even in a small quantity.

One-stop shopping

Business customers need a tool to support their daily communications needs. We understand that. That’s why we identified three key areas in communications demands: from behind the desk, walking around and on the road. We recently started to implement these areas and introduced an all new IP desktop line. As the global number one in IP DECT solutions, we drive indoor mobility with a variety of handsets. And now, we add a new smartphone portfolio to our offering. As Gigaset is interoperable and compatible with leading providers and accessory vendors, we can state that – together with our partners – we offer a one stop shop in communications solutions for our customers.

At Gigaset, we don’t intend to compete with mobile giants from America and Asia. We see mobile devices as a part of a communications solution – for both consumers and businesses. That’s why we are working hard on premium mobile solutions that suit every need. Now, and in the future.

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