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Gigaset voted a German customer favourite by BILD

24. March 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset has been voted a customer favourite in the category ‘security’ by Germans as part of a study conducted by the German newspaper BILD. By achieving a proud third place in this category, Gigaset asserts itself as a quality and innovation leader amongst 1,600 companies from 155 industries in a highly competitive field.

How the BILD study worked

The BILD study titled “Germany’s Favourites”, which was conducted together with ServiceValue, focused 1,665 different companies from 155 industries. Between January and February 2020, BILD conducted a self-initiated consumer survey by using an online access system panel. The study was conducted independently of the companies that were being evaluated and the survey was based on a sample of 420 000 consumer opinions.

The study’s central question was: “Please evaluate the following providers based on your own experience. How strong is your overall satisfaction? Please base your judgement only on aspects that are relevant to you. For example consider the price, product, brand and also take into account to what extent you would choose the respective supplier again”.

All manufacturers, service providers and dealers who ranked above the average of their respective industry were awarded the rating “high overall satisfaction”. Providers that ranked above the “high overall satisfaction” rating were awarded the rating “very high overall satisfaction”. The providers with the highest average value within their industry were awarded “highest overall satisfaction”. It should be noted that the evaluation is industry-specific with regards to the content and can therefore deviate from the empirical mean value of the answer scale.

High customer satisfaction with safety

The customer opinion regarding the award for Gigaset relates primarily to the security feature around the Gigaset Smart Home product offering – a particularly pleasing vote for Gigaset.

“Over the past few years, more and more players have been pushing into the smart home market,” says Roland Maesing, VP Smart Home at Gigaset. “From Asian no-name products, to solutions with questionable security concepts, to more sophisticated solutions by established brands. We are very proud that Gigaset’s Smart Home portfolio stands out from the competition for the customers – and even more so in the context of such a large-scale and representative study”.

Unique in its segment

Only two competitors, Abus and Burg-Wächter, have been awarded the ratings “highest overall satisfaction” and “very high overall satisfaction”. However, those who have an interest in the topic of private security will recognise that these two brands are established alarm system manufacturers with sometimes very high price points for fixed installations in residential properties.

Gigaset’s solution, on the other hand, is a cost-effective, flexible and scalable one that requires no drilling or screws and can therefore be used in any rented apartment. In addition, it not only provides security in the form of an alarm system, but also comfort and energy control as part of the integrated smart home system. With this, Gigaset leaves the competition far behind.

The complete survey and the results of the survey are published here – a direct insight into the ranking of the safety favorites can be found here.

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