Good as always: The Gigaset GS185 tested by PCtipp

26. February 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Price, design, finish, battery and dual-SIM – the editors of Switzerland’s most-read PC magazine PCtipp find plenty of reasons to praise the GS185. In the February issue, they take a closer look at the value-for-money smartphone from Gigaset and award it the overall grade “Good.” Gigaset has since presented another device Made in Germany: The new GS280 even goes one better as regards its display and battery power.

Gigaset_Blog_PCtipp“It may seem odd in times of over-powering competition from the Far East, but the manufacturer Gigaset is launching its GS185, a smartphone Made in Germany,” state the testers from PCtipp in issue 02/19. They wanted to know what its performance was like. The answer: Good! “That starts with its appearance,” continue the editors. “Weighing in at 145 grams, the Android 8 smartphone is pleasant to hold and its corners are rounded. The glass on its front is nice and flush at the edges, so that hardly any dirt or dust particles can settle in any chinks.”

Three GS185 phones, three colors – and all three are good. That’s the verdict of the Swiss PC magazine PCtipp.
Gigaset is the only company to manufacture smartphones in Europe – and the GS185 was the first. The standards of quality in production are very high, as is customary at Gigaset. Man and machine work hand in hand at the production line in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia: Robots prepare the components and employees take care of activities where fine motor skills are needed. That has advantages for the customer: Production at Gigaset’s main plant enables the devices to be developed further, repaired or custom-engraved, for example.

The PCtipp editorial team like the GS185. One positive aspect mentioned is the 3 slots for two SIM cards and also a memory card. And the testers found that its quad-core processor delivers enough power for office applications, chats or films. Their verdict: “The overall package of speed, battery life, finish, operation and price […] is definitely winsome.” The GS185 sells for €179 (RRP) and can be obtained from the Gigaset online shop.

Bang on time for MWC19 (formerly Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Gigaset has announced another German smartphone: The GS280, with a 5.7-inch full-HD+ display and a 5,000-mAh battery, will be launched in March. The device can be used to play videos for a whole 10 hours without recharging, making it perfect for streaming.

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