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Highlights in July: From value-added tax to call blocking

30. July 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Innovation and customer centricity are success factors that distinguish a manufacturer like Gigaset. With a large-button phone that sets benchmarks, and a new fixed-line phone that combines conventional telephony with a smart, cloud-based call block service, Gigaset is once again meeting its aim to deliver innovation. The new base station concept also means maximum freedom of choice for the customer. From value-added tax to call blocking – we have all the highlights in July.

Value-added tax discounts

Following the temporary reduction of value-added tax decided by the German government, Gigaset is adjusting the recommended prices for all its products. That covers both the devices available from specialty retailers and the products offered in the Gigaset online shop. The special “Wumms” offer, in which Gigaset is doubling the VAT discount for a 6% saving in the Gigaset e-shop, has also been running since July 1.

Gigaset E720A: New flagship in the senior citizens segment

The premium phone for seniors supports your customers in every situation, for example, through the integration of modern hearing aids with Bluetooth 4.2. A real convenience feature is the confirmation of entries by the talking keypad and the announcement of the caller’s name or number. Special protection against unwanted calls is provided by blacklisting and whitelisting numbers. Wanted calls are displayed by a green illuminated display and can be taken in hands-free mode via automatic call acceptance. This PIN-protected function can also be used, for example, for people requiring nursing care, to listen in and have a conversation. Naturally, the customary features of the Gigaset life series are also incorporated in the new Gigaset E720A and the variants E720 and E720HX.

Gigaset CL690A SCB: Fixed-line phone with call protection

Aggressive cold calls, irritating opinion polling, phone terror or ping calls with expensive call-back costs are annoying, cost time, patience and sometimes even a lot of money. The number of complaints received by the German Federal Network Agency about incidents like these are steadily rising, while at the same time commercial call centers are using increasingly resourceful strategies. The Gigaset CL690A SCB protects you against annoying phone calls with the Gigaset Smart Call Block service. The dynamic call blocking system keeps on learning – through the experiences of many users, which can assess all the calls. As a result, you always have up-to-date, full protection through an intelligent, cloud-based service. The sales packaging for the Gigaset CL690A SCB contains a voucher code for free use of the service for a year, which your customers can redeem at gigaset.com/SCB.

Customers in Germany appreciate charging bases, as are customary, for example, in the Gigaset A class, which is why we have overhauled the Gigaset C570 and Gigaset E370 product lines and can now offer you attractive successor products.

That means the Gigaset C575A, C575 feature with the same functions as before but in combination with the new base stations. The design and color of the handset housing also remain unchanged and match the Gigaset C570HX, which is still available.

The life series products Gigaset E390A and E390 will be adapted to the new concept. The E390HX is following this step with its product name. In terms of function it’s identical to the Gigaset E370 series.


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