IFA 2023: Focus on sustainability

1. September 2023 Published by Raphael Doerr

On September 1st, 2023 the time has come: The International Consumer Electronics Fair IFA 2023, the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics and household appliances, opens its doors. In addition to the megatrend artificial intelligence (AI), one topic in particular will determine the industry meeting in Berlin: sustainability.

The electronics and tech industry has also recognized that conserving resources and saving energy are central points on their agenda. Above all, the large number of electrical devices that have found their way into people’s everyday lives and the associated electronic waste pose a major challenge. Gigaset has been taking on this task for many years, for example with replaceable batteries in smartphones.

Sustainability at IFA 2023: Sustainability Village

The entire technology world is moving when it comes to sustainability. You can also see that by the amount of space the makers of the IFA 2023 are giving the topic. There will be a Sustainability Village for the first time. The focus here is on sustainability: there will be a repair workshop where consumers can work with professionals to repair defective electrical devices and thus avoid electronic waste themselves. In addition, exhibitors from the sustainability sector will be presenting new technologies and trends. And Treedom, a provider of CO2 compensation and this year’s partner of the IFA, will also be there.

But what would a trade fair be if it didn’t bring people and ideas together? Therefore, an extensive conference program takes place in the Sustainability Village. A network is to be formed that connects top decision-makers and leading minds from the fields of electronics, entertainment and sustainability.

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IFA 2023: Use devices longer for the environment

The European Environmental Bureau EEB calculates that if all smartphones in Europe were used for just one more year, around two million tons of emissions could be saved. For some models, manufacturing accounts for up to 95 percent of the CO2 emissions in the life cycle of a device. So the longer a smartphone is in use, the better it is for the environment.

Gigaset has been committed to sustainability for a long time

These connections have been known for a long time – and it is good that the IFA 2023 is focusing on sustainability issues with the Sustainability Village. Because at Gigaset they have had an influence on product development for a long time. A removable battery is installed in the devices “Made in Germany” – such as the current models GX4 and GX6. They can also be repaired at service partners in Germany and in the Gigaset workshops in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia. And they receive security updates for up to five years from the market launch. The outdoor smartphones are extremely robust and protected against water, dust and shocks. Gigaset is well versed in sustainability: The company’s cordless landline phones are known for their durability – with the current models C430A, C575A or the product family, Gigaset proves exactly that.

Gigaset shows responsibility: Fair for Future

The fact that devices can be repaired and batteries can be replaced is only part of Gigaset’s sustainability strategy. The protection of resources and the climate runs through many areas: Gigaset consciously saves water during production and relies on green electricity. The packaging consists of 90 percent recycled material and is recyclable. Because responsibility and environmental awareness can be shown in many areas. The IFA 2023 is now also showing this by finally focusing on sustainability and responsibility.

By the way: You can find all of Gigaset’s sustainability efforts under the “Fair for Future” initiative.


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