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WELT award: Gigaset Professional with very high B2B customer satisfaction

28. January 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

In their latest study, the WELT news channel and the analysis institute ServiceValue examined overall customer satisfaction in the B2B (business-to-business) sector and awarded their seal of approval to the best companies. One of the companies with the highest customer satisfaction in the B2B sector is Gigaset Professional. With a score of 2.98, Gigaset Professional received the rating “very high satisfaction” in the B2B sector.

In the study, the Cologne-based analysis institute and the German news channel examined 431 companies or providers from 36 sectors. The survey of the study participants ran over the period from September to October 2020 and the sample of the study consisted of 45 000 evaluations. Especially in the business-to-business (B2B) segment communication and business relationships and thus also customer satisfaction are of great importance and significance. This is because such partnerships are usually based on a long and intensive cooperation.

In the telecommunications sector the average score is 3.22. Gigaset Professional, with a score of 2.98, thus became the award winner and received the “very high satisfaction” award. This performance secured Gigaset Professional the silver medal within the industry. “This is a very good result that we can be proud of,” says Ralf Lueb, VP Sales at Gigaset. “Our partnerships in the B2B sector are of great importance to us and form the foundation of our business. This award validates our work in a special way and is great feedback for us,” adds Ralf Lueb.

The participants were able to complete the surveys of the analysis institute via an online access panel. In the survey the customer satisfaction of the participants was determined based on the experience-related question of the study. Respondents could indicate their level of overall satisfaction with the respective company on a seven-point response scale: Exceptionally Satisfied (1), Very Satisfied (2), Satisfied (3), Rather Satisfied (4), Rather Dissatisfied (5), Dissatisfied (6), Very Dissatisfied (7). In addition, there was the possibility to answer the questions with “I cannot judge” or “I do not know”.

Based on the answers a mean value could be calculated for each company. Within the respective sectors the evaluated companies were ranked according to the mean values. If the value of a company was below the sector average (lower = better), this company became the award winner and received the award “high customer satisfaction”.

If the mean value of a company was below the mean value of the award-winning group, the company received the certification “very high customer satisfaction”. The company within a sector that was able to achieve the lowest mean value (i.e. the best value based on the coding of the response scale) received the award “highest customer satisfaction”.

Further information on the WELT study “Customer satisfaction in B2B business” can be found here.

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