Gigaset life series: Comfortable and safe senior phones

28. January 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Many people wish to live a self-determined life within their own four walls, even in old age. To do this, they should be able to rely on simple technology and functionality when making calls. The phones in the Gigaset life series are the perfect companion for these everyday needs. They combine an attractive design and ease of use. With technology that supports – but not overwhelmed.

Big button phones

The telephone plays a central role in everyday communication. Wouldn’t it be nice if your model combines functionality and modern technology? Older people in particular often want a phone that is easy to use thanks to its large display and buttons with a pleasant feel. Flexible volume settings, acoustic profiles and sound quality let you understand everything, and with intuitive menu navigation, use is child’s play. Many phones in the life series have additional support functions, such as an optical call signal. This enables people with physical limitations in hearing, seeing and mobility to make comfortable phone calls in everyday life.

The Gigaset life series

As Europe’s market leader in the field of telephony, Gigaset has been developing DECT cordless phones for years that impress with their ergonomics, comfort and security. With the devices in the life series, people of all ages enjoy all the advantages of convenient phone calls: thanks to programmable direct dialing buttons, you can contact your family with just one push of a button or get help in an emergency with the SOS function.

Simply adjust the volume of the ringtone and loudspeaker to your hearing – all models in this series are hearing aid compatible. An additional optical call signal ensures that you never miss a call, and the large, high-contrast displays let you see immediately who is calling you. Thanks to the simple menu navigation, operation is self-explanatory and making calls with the Gigaset life series is a pleasant experience for all age groups.

Summary of advantages

  1. Hearing – Best intelligibility without restrictions – even when using a hearing aid
  2. View – Easy to read and high-contrast display of names and phone numbers
  3. Feel – Easy to use thanks to large buttons and an intuitive user interface
  4. Security – The SOS emergency button ensures a fast connection in an emergency

Understand better
Many people’s hearing becomes increasingly poor as they age. Nevertheless, no one should have to do without pleasant phone calls. Different functions for acoustic support still let you understand everything.

Gigaset_Blog_E370_LautstaerkeFlexible volume control
Always adjust the volume individually to your needs in several stages. This way, every user will find the appropriate setting and you can react quickly if there is background noise in the area.

Hearing aid compatible
You can also enjoy the clear sound of the Gigaset phones with a hearing aid. According to the European standard ITU-T P.370, the full sound quality is maintained – without any disturbing noises.


You can double the volume with the “extra-loud function”. So you can be sure that you won’t miss anything.

Acoustic Profiles
Choose between the high and low frequency range for an optimal listening experience.

Put the handset out of your hand and enjoy hands-free speaking in the best acoustics. And the whole family is on the phone.

Everything in view
Long phone numbers or names are often difficult to read on conventional displays – not only when eyesight is getting weaker. The phones in the Gigaset life series, with their easy-to-read display and large key labels, ensure optimal, clear operability.

Good readability
Large font, strong contrast and clear graphics make reading from the display immensely easier. Even in difficult lighting conditions, the name and telephone number are clearly visible.

Gigaset_Blog_E370_LupeZoom function
The enlargement function for display texts guarantees even better visibility. Names selected in the address book are automatically enlarged and highlighted in orange. The digits appear extra large in dial mode.

Choosing made easy
Thanks to the large buttons, dialing long phone numbers is particularly convenient. With the clear digits and the good feel of the buttons, you are always correctly connected!


Optical signal
Noisy surroundings, a low ring tone or poor hearing – a ringing phone is quickly ignored. The flashing LED also shows the ringtone when someone is calling. So you don’t miss anything.

Easy to handle
New technology doesn’t have to be complicated. The phones in the Gigaset life series simplify operation and also impress with their intuitive structures – this makes calling convenient.

A firm grip
The generous keypad makes it easy to handle phones from the Gigaset life series. Extra large, illuminated and non-slip buttons with noticeable pressure points simplify use.

Self explanatory
Clear menu navigation and simplified functions make operation easy and clear. So you can concentrate fully on the exchange with your loved ones.

Feeling safe
With increasing age, the topic of security becomes more and more important – for you and your family members. The phones in the Gigaset life series give you a secure feeling thanks to the direct dial buttons, SOS emergency function and room monitoring.

Direct dial and emergency buttons
With the direct dial function, central contact persons can be reached with just one push of a button. With the SOS emergency call function, up to four numbers of relatives, friends or neighbors can be stored, which are called in an emergency.

Room monitoring
In an emergency: If a certain noise threshold is exceeded, the baby monitor function initiates a call to another handset at home or smartphone. This is how you get help, even when you can’t pick up the phone.

Maximum comfort
If you want to use the age-appropriate functions of senior phones, you don’t have to do without sophisticated technology. The phones in the Gigaset life series combine both components and also impress with their appealing design.

Flexible installation location
Living room, kitchen, hallway – your phone is always where you need it. While the base station is at the telephone connection, the handset is flexible and always at hand. Additional handsets can be added.

Answering machine
Some models in the life series have an answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time. This way you are always informed, even if you are unable to answer a call.

Environmentally friendly
Conserve resources: The environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology automatically adjusts the transmission power to the distance between the base station and the handset and is therefore always kept to a minimum.

IP telephony
The HX handsets of the life series are compatible with many router models and enable you to make calls using the latest technology, e.g. HD Voice for crystal clear sound.

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