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Made in Germany – The promise of quality and sustainability

21. May 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

More and more German manufacturers are marketing their products as “Made in Germany”. After all, this label stands for the best quality worldwide and is a decisive point for many consumers when making the decision to purchase. For Gigaset, however, “Made in Germany” is much more than just a seal of quality. It also stands for responsibility for the environment and for people and thus forms an important component of Gigaset’s sustainability strategy.

Since 1941 the Gigaset headquarters have been located in Bocholt in North Rhine-Westphalia. Products in the areas of telephony, smartphones, smart home and professional are developed, designed and manufactured there. This makes Gigaset the only telecommunications manufacturer to produce in Germany and it also brings many advantages.

Thanks to production in North Rhine-Westphalia, Gigaset has been able to optimise its sustainability strategy in several aspects. With its production site in Bocholt, the company is close to regional suppliers and customers. This means that there are only short delivery routes to the whole of Europe and it is possible to save large amounts of CO2.

Having Germany as a production location is not only beneficial for the environment, because sustainability at Gigaset means more than just protecting the climate. Social responsibility is also part of sustainable production for the medium-sized company. The “Made in Germany” label guarantees job security for our 500 employees from the Bocholt region and embodies the cooperation between man and machine at the plant.

Using the modern Industry 4.0 production process, employees manufacture certified Gigaset products in climate-neutral packaging with eco-powered machines. Repairs to Gigaset devices are also carried out at the factory in Bocholt, ensuring sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of the products.

In this new video the Gigaset sustainability strategy is clearly presented and explained once more:

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