For three times more space: Gigaset N670 IP PRO becomes a mini-multicell

25. January 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

When a company grows and extends its floor space, the professional phone systems from Gigaset grow with it. The Gigaset N670 IP PRO presented last year offers cordless telephony for up to 20 DECT handsets and eight simultaneous connections. Up to three N670 IP PRO can now be combined into a mini-multicell system. Availability in the extended DECT range is always guaranteed, no matter where the employees happen to be. From February 2021, the mini-multicell function is available free of charge via an update.

Perfect cordless communication for small and medium-sized offices

90% of companies in Europe have a maximum of 20 employees – Gigaset has developed the N670 IP PRO for this segment. The DECT system supports 20 users, SIP accounts and handsets, and allows eight simultaneous calls. The base station is compatible with numerous on-premise and cloud-based telephone systems and supports all handsets from Gigaset’s Professional series. If a company extends its floor space, or there is no availability, for example, in the warehouse or outdoors, it needs a communication solution that grows with it.

Beats any DECT repeater: The new multicell function of the N670 IP PRO

After a free software update the N670 IP PRO can become part of a multicell system, if required. Up to three N670 IP PRO then work together. Eight simultaneous calls with a maximum of 20 handsets are still possible in the extended DECT range. That’s a clear advantage over the DECT repeaters available on the market, which can extend the range, but the performance is halved. The existing hardware from Gigaset can still be used, also making the N670 IP PRO a future-proof investment for companies with dynamic growth. What’s more, the mini-multicell function is easy to configure – in “Base” mode, the N670 IP PROs can be added via the web configurator of the central N670.

From a mini-multicell to a fully-grown multicell – the N670 IP PRO stays

And even if the company’s needs grow even more, for example, through the number of extensions or more frequent calls, the N670 IP PRO already purchased can continue to be used. The multicell expansion via a license enables additional DECT base stations and a greater range: An upgrade turns the central N670 into the DECT manager of a multicell and can then be expanded with N870 base stations – the expansion level of a DECT manager zone is 60 base stations and 250 handsets. Integrator software can be used to combine up to 100 such zones into one large handover and roaming domain. Even if they are at different locations, for example, in a branch office network, they can be managed centrally.


The company grows, the telecommunications hardware stays the same: The Gigaset N760 IP PRO as a single cell for smaller offices, a mini-multicell for larger spaces, and integrated into a multicell system for up to 20,000 handsets

The communication module for business success

The N670 IP PRO is the ideal entry into the DECT IP world for SMEs, and also remains part of the communications infrastructure even with rapid growth – with seamless scalability from 20 to 20,000 handsets. The new mini-multicell function enables a cost-effective and powerful expansion of the DECT range that is also easy to install.

Companies benefit from seamless telephony with the handsets from the Business DECT market leader Gigaset, tailored to the high demands of everyday business life. Employees often know the strengths of the devices from Gigaset from the private sphere and appreciate their robustness, the design and the ease of use. The Professional products are sold exclusively through certified vendors of IT, telecommunications and enterprise systems. That ensures customers have a local partner who not only provides advice and assistance in buying and installing them, but also constantly offers the very best service for the telecommunications infrastructure.

More information can be found here. A complete and up-to-date list of compatible platforms, providers and handsets can be found at www.wiki.gigasetpro.com.


  • xabier 20.04.2023

    if we install a 3 base n670 mini-multicell, is there handover and roaming? Can users walk though the office jumping base to base without loosing calls?
    thank you

    • Raphael Doerr 27.10.2023

      This is exactly what the system is made for.

      Best, ^RD

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