Software update turns Gigaset N670 IP PRO single cell into multicell system

26. May 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset is expanding its DECT IP single and multicell systems N670 IP PRO and N870 IP PRO via software update. As needed, dynamically growing companies can upgrade the N670 IP PRO to a multicell to significantly increase the system’s range and performance. Even different locations present no challenge: In future, the N670 IP PRO can be managed by a central integrator, allowing companies’ DECT telephony to be scaled with almost no limits. Business customers already using reliable DECT telephony locally or via the cloud benefit from additional flexibility.

Upgrade of N670 IP Pro provides scalability

The N670 IP PRO single cell system already supports up to twenty DECT handsets and eight parallel calls. The upgrade to the multicell system allows a significant increase in the DECT coverage by connecting up to 60 base stations. That means a total of up to 250 DECT handsets or Maxwell Cordless and ten simultaneous calls per base station are possible. Comprehensive end-to-end security is, of course, still guaranteed thanks to DECT encryption and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

“With the upgrade to a multicell we are adding an important function to the already powerful N670 IP PRO: scalability,” says Michael Anft, Senior Product Manager at Gigaset. “Particularly companies, for example, that rent a second floor or employ more people can now expand their communication seamlessly via an upgrade. The N670 IP Pro grows with their needs and offers a long-term, professional solution for simple and secure DECT telephony.”

Ideal for companies with locations of different sizes

In addition, Gigaset also plans to add integration capability to the N670 IP PRO system: An upgrade will allow larger companies to operate up to 300 N670 units in future using an N870 Virtual Integrator and, if desired, integrate up to 100 additional N870 devices into the setup – the ideal industry solution for companies with multiple locations or stores of different sizes.


Michael Anft

“The combination of N670 IP PRO and N870 IP PRO systems offers ideal design scope to users from many different fields,” comments Michael Anft. “Supermarkets or retail chains can, for example, decide precisely whether single or multicells are needed for each store according to its size and the number of employees, to ensure a stable and secure phone connection – and still enjoy the benefits of central management of their overall system.”

The expansion is right in line with Gigaset’s strategy of providing professional and simple to manage business communication ‘Made in Germany’ for companies and organizations of any size, and being able to respond flexibly to changing customer requirements.

The update of the N870 IP PRO with the related additional functions is free of charge for users. The upgrade of the N670 IP PRO to a multicell costs a one-off fee of €339.95 (RRP). To manage an N670 IP PRO via a central integrator, users need to purchase an ‘N670 DECT Manager’ license for €119.95 (RRP). All available starting June 2020.

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