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One for all: the new N870 IP PRO DECT IP multi-cell system from Gigaset

11. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Flexibility and scalability for companies of any size

Gigaset, the provider of professional communications solutions, is presenting its new N870 IP PRO DECT IP multi-cell system. The solution is designed to deliver flexibility and scalability and so is suited for small, medium-sized and even large installations. It can also be used to manage distributed locations centrally.* The core element of the N870’s hardware can act as a DECT base station, DECT manager or Gigaset Integrator*, depending on the needs and size of the company – the setting defines the function. The system is also compatible with a large number of IP phone systems from well-known manufacturers and Internet-based virtual telephone systems.

Hardware that grows with a company’s needs

An N870 multi-cell installation supports up to 250 users and up to 60 parallel calls, split over a maximum of 60 base stations. Each satellite also processes up to 10 calls simultaneously. The Gigaset Integrator, which groups different locations, buildings or stories into one large communications network, allows the number of users to be increased to up to 20,000.* The N870 DECT IP multi-cell system grows with a company’s needs since it can be expanded flexibly.

Setting it up is also incredibly simple: The ideal position for each base station can be found quickly and easily using the Gigaset Site Planning Kit. The N870 also offers professional, automatic zero-touch provisioning and IPUI-based handset registration. Users benefit from seamless call handover and roaming, HD audio and an LDAP(S) telephone book. The web-based user interface with an online help, XML configuration files, telephone system profiles and support for standard protocols ensures a high degree of user-friendliness. Companies can create their own applications with the aid of XHTML and add them to the system, as and when required.

The DECT technology is also digital and offers encryption. That rules out any wireless eavesdropping on calls. End-to-end security is ensured by the use of SRTP/SIPS/TLS, LDAP(S) and HTTPS.

“Development of the new DECT IP multi-cell system N870 IP PRO has been one of our largest R&D projects in recent times. We believe it has huge potential for us and our partners. We see the DECT market in Europe as being stable in the coming years. We are now tapping larger enterprises as a new target group in this market and are also taking a further major step in communication solution business,” says Kai Froese, Senior Vice President Professional & Smart Communications at Gigaset.

“Since small and large enterprises alike want greater flexibility, we have consciously designed the N870 to enable scalability and flexible expansion. We can cater for the needs of every size of company with just one type of hardware. The N870 is made completely at our own factory in Bocholt,” says Michael Anft, Senior Product Manager Professional Communications at Gigaset.

Availability and retail prices

The new Gigaset N870 IP PRO DECT IP multi-cell system can be ordered as of the end of October 2018 and will be shipped starting at the end of November 2018. Gigaset will then launch the Integrator software for large communications networks with an appropriate licensing model in the spring of 2019.*
* Available at a later date in 2019.

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