Multi-Cell N870 IP PRO Upgrade: License-based Software-Integrator for Scaling

3. December 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

With the new N870 IP PRO multi-cell system, DECT pioneer Gigaset ensures uninterrupted accessibility across the entire corporate campus or across distributed locations within a company. From now on, the multi-cell system can be scaled up to 20,000 subscribers and 6,000 DECT base stations using the new N870 Integrator software. The N870 IP PRO is easy to administer and interoperable with many IP PBXs, both on premise and in the cloud.

“Many of our customers are fast-growing companies,” says Michael Anft, Senior Product Manager at Gigaset. “For these customers, we were looking for a way to enable them to continue using the existing DECT installation even if they exceeded a certain level of expansion. For this we have developed a scalable DECT multi-cell system based on a hardware unit. “Whether 5, 60 or more base stations – the N870 IP PRO is a modular system that grows with the requirements, with larger areas and more subscribers than before and several locations cover.”

N870 Software Integrator – one for everything

Gigaset_N870_IP_PRO_frontThe new software for VMware acts as a central database and administrative unit and can connect up to 100 DECT Manager single systems with 250 handsets and 60 base stations to large handover domains: The employees are fully accessible with their DECT handsets even in large areas and can interruption-free to phone.

With the Integrator software, the administrator can conveniently manage the entire system centrally. Resiliency is ensured by VMware redundancy. With the managed N870 IP PRO DECT systems, employees can also be reached at various locations under a central company number. The basic prerequisite for such cross-site networking is a VPN connection between the sites. This makes the N870 IP PRO a flexible IP DECT solution for any size – scalable up to 6,000 base stations even for large companies and corporations.


N870 Hardware Integrator as an option

Medium-sized businesses can use the N870 IP PRO as a hardware integrator. Up to four DECT Manager systems with a total of 800 handsets can be operated as a complete system, without providing a Linux system with VMware.

Proven handsets for every need

Compatible with the N870 IP PRO, S650H PRO, SL750H PRO, and R650H PRO handset offer end users the ease of use, appealing design, ruggedness, durability, and industry-best price-performance ratio. With the cordless desk phone Maxwell C, which can be connected like a handset, a telephony solution can be provided quickly and flexibly at any place even without Ethernet cabling.


Safe and easy configuration

The Gigaset N870 IP PRO is interoperable with a variety of IP PBXs – for example with the Asterisk and Broadsoft platform, Starface, nfon, 3CX, TeamFON, Wirecloud, ansitel or reventix. Security features and easy mass configurability facilitate the work of the administrator. The DECT technology ensures secure, stable and trouble-free voice connections. A good DECT coverage on a complete surface can be planned and implemented with the Gigaset DECT measuring case.

Flexible and transparent pricing

The integrator software license costs 499.95 euros, the license for each operated behind DECT manager 349.95 euros. The N870 IP PRO hardware base unit is offered for 499.95 euros – it can also take over the role of Integrator and thus already contains the Integrator software license for up to four DECT Manager. The N870 IP PRO devices and licenses are available to qualified retailers via distribution. The prices quoted are retail prices excluding VAT. More information can be found at the Gigaset Pro Homepage and the Gigaset Pro Wiki.

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