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Professional communication solutions from Gigaset

1. August 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

This article about communication solutions was posted by Christian Schepke on LinkedIn on 29 July 2020. The original article can be accessed, commented, shared and distributed further via this link.

Who’s not familiar with that: The day has already begun stressfully, and you’re almost too late for an important online conference. And then things really take a turn for the worse: The computer starts an update, you’re on the move and your mobile phone only has a minimum data rate, or the conference application simply refuses to play ball. The latter is what happened to an editor last week in an interview with me. And she fell back on her most reliable tool – the fixed-line phone. Although we now have numerous ways of communicating with each other, the phone still remains the most reliable and safest option. That can also be seen during the coronavirus crisis (but more on that shortly).

For us at Gigaset it’s important to offer a broad portfolio of products that are suitable for everyday use to customers looking for phones and other communication solutions for professional use. What matters is reliability and ease of use.

Professional communication solutions from Gigaset
Gigaset’s professional phones address the needs of employees in a raft of different sectors – both in the desktop and cordless arena.

The desktop phones from the Maxwell series are “Made in Germany”, have become a firm part of the telecommunications equipment at many companies since their launch, and deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use features and high-definition audio quality – not only with a handset or headset, but also when the handsfree function is used.

Our flagship model Maxwell 4 has, apart from its conventional keypad, an intuitive 4.3” touchscreen with freely programmable display buttons. End-to-end encryption also ensures that business calls are kept confidential. Apart from Maxwell 4, Gigaset offers other models from the same series that meet every communication need.

A new unique selling point: resistance to disinfectant
In addition to greater mobility, crystal-clear sound and a long battery life, Gigaset’s cordless phones for business customers have one big point in their favor, especially in the current situation: The S650H PRO and SL750 PRO handsets have a special protective lacquering, making them resistant to disinfectant. That means that even after regular cleaning with disinfectant, the specially coated models do not become dull and unattractive.

Scalable communication for every environment
Alongside the device, the system behind it is also vital for reliable communication. Whether in a small office or at a retail chain with many stores – the single-cell and multi-cell systems from Gigaset mean staff can be reached at all times and enable central management of the handsets in use. The scalable N870 IP PRO multi-cell system is particularly ideal for larger enterprises and institutions, such as factories, hotels and hospitals, and delivers a far-reaching DECT communications network – for up to thousands of employees if desired. On-premise and cloud-based VoIP communication is supported. The Gigaset N670 IP DECT single-cell system has been designed specifically for dynamically growing companies. Small and medium-sized offices obtain a system that is ready to use right away and, if desired, can be expanded into a multi-cell by means of a software upgrade – ideal for cases where new office space is leased or employees are hired and there are greater communication needs as a result.

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