Ready for Deutsche Telekom’s network technology

Ready for Deutsche Telekom’s network technology

6. April 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Deutsche Telekom’s IP Test Center confirms ideal suitability of Gigaset HX universal handsets

Deutsche Telekom started converting large parts of its access network to the new IP-based technology some time ago. That process is being carried out successively and does not have any negative impact on Deutsche Telekom’s customers.

In order to ensure that IP-based end-user devices – such as DECT cordless phones from Gigaset – continue to work smoothly, manufacturers can subject their products to a thorough examination at Deutsche Telekom’s IP Test Center.

Gigaset responded to the move toward an all-IP network as early as 2015 by supplementing its large portfolio of phones with the HX series of universal handsets for use on DECT and CAT-iq 2.0 routers. They have now been tested successfully in the new IP network on the latest Speedport router from Deutsche Telekom.

“Purchasers who are interested in an HX model because of the high quality or broad range of Gigaset universal handsets can rely on their device still working excellently in the IP network following conversion,” says Anne Dickau, Head of Voice Products at Gigaset. “Our HX series has not only been certified for DECT, but also for CAT-iq 2.0, and so is ideally suited for operation on Deutsche Telekom’s Speedport routers.”

Large portfolio of HX models

There are currently nine HX models from Gigaset. They cover the entire product range of Gigaset, catering for all price points and different customer requirements as regards design, convenience and features.

The CL660HX, C570HX and C430HX models are available to customers in the convenience class. Ergonomic models for the elderly or harsh application areas are available in the shape of the E370HX, E560HX and E630HX. The premium and designer segment is addressed by the SL450HX, S850HX and CL750HX models.

As a result, Gigaset –  Europe’s market leader in DECT cordless phones – also lives up to its mission in the new field of IP telephony, namely to provide customers with the perfect fixed-line phone for their needs.

More information

The functions that are possible when the HX models and DECT or CAT-iq 2.0 routers are used with each other are shown in the Gigaset compatibility check.

Deutsche Telekom also wishes to inform its customers about manufacturers whose devices have been tested successfully on IP-based connections and offer added benefits as well as secure migration. The list can be viewed here.

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