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Rugged smartphones for tradesmen in diverse crafts

4. October 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

From the electrician to the mechatronics engineer, the stonemason to the chimney sweep – the handicraft sector is diverse and tradesmen are vital. Germany numbered 1,001,748 handicraft businesses employing more than 5.5 million people in 2018. Anyone working on a building site or in the field needs a rugged smartphone – a reliable companion that also has stamina to last all day. Gigaset has launched the GX290, a device that meets those very requirements.

Dust and wet

A smartphone is now an indispensable tool in many professions – for quickly taking a photo to show a problem to colleagues, making a short call to the office or checking e-mails. That makes everyday work easier, also and especially on building sites. Modern smartphones are often vulnerable to dusty and wet conditions. Connections no longer work reliably, or the microphone and loudspeaker play up. If you’ve spent a lot on money on your smartphone, you are rightly very annoyed. And if the smartphone slips out of your hand, the display shatters into pieces – and that happens sooner when you’re wearing work gloves than in private life. The solution is ruggedized smartphones.

Rugg.. what?

“Ruggedized” is used to denote a device that is particularly robust – and that quality is a must for such smartphones. Devices like the Gigaset GX290 defy water, dust and knocks. Whether in the quarry or shipbuilding – these smartphones can withstand quite a bit. A lot of importance was attached to a robust housing, good battery life and ease of use in developing the phone. After all, what use is a stable smartphone if the battery is empty after a short time?

Gigaset has launched the GX290, a smartphone that copes with requirements on building sites. The injection-molded, two-component TPU housing is additionally reinforced by a stable metal frame. The display is protected with resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. “We wanted to create a smartphone that is as resilient as possible in very adverse conditions – one with all the features that are important and necessary at work and in outdoor activities,” says Andreas Merker, Head of Smartphones at Gigaset.  Apart from being rugged, the Gigaset GX290 impresses with its high battery power and striking design. It has been awarded IP68 certification, which means it’s dust-proof, water-tight and survives even being dropped onto a hard surface.

The Gigaset GS290 is available at stores and online retailers and in the Gigaset online shop at the RRP of €299.

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