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Safe is safe – always up to date with the update

24. August 2023 Published by Raphael Doerr

For many users, a smartphone update also means protection against cyber attacks and is usually carried out immediately. “There is a new update available! – when this message appears on the smartphone display, many users are quick to act. For 44 percent, an update is carried out as soon as it is available. Another 19 percent install the update at least in the next few days. These are the results of a representative survey of 1,004 people in Germany aged 16 and over, including 780 smartphone users.

According to this, one in six (16 per cent) take more time and only install the latest updates in the following weeks. 5 per cent delay the installation as long as possible and only carry it out when certain functions would otherwise only be usable to a limited extent. However, 11 percent are negligent and do not carry out any updates on their smartphone. “Software updates not only contain new features and enhancements for the smartphone, they also ensure security. Attacks by cyber criminals are becoming more and more professional. The manufacturers of the operating systems are therefore constantly working to eliminate vulnerabilities. The operating system and also the apps should therefore always be updated to the latest version,” says Simran Mann, information security expert at Bitkom. “Whenever possible, the smartphone should be set so that updates are carried out automatically when they appear.”

Good to know

If Apple publishes an iOS update, it is available for download on all compatible iPhone models within a few hours. The situation is different with Android. Some models receive no Android updates at all, while others receive updates for years. When and how often the smartphone is updated depends on the manufacturer and is not always clear.

Firmware updates for the Gigaset GX6 are currently released every two months and include security patches as well as bug fixes. The security patches do not contain any new functions, but close security gaps discovered by Google. You can find out how long the various models will receive corresponding updates here at Gigaset.  If an update is available, it can be downloaded here. Otherwise, you can check your software version and the device will indicate that the software is up to date. There will be two new Android versions (i.e. Android 14) for the GX6 and five years of security patches.

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