Scalability in communications – a reliable and safe bet for business growth

10. September 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Guest Article by Felipe Martín, Managing Director of Gigaset Communications Iberia
The importance of flexibility and mobility in communications is paramount for companies, especially if they have offices spread across the country or plan to expand their offices in the future. Stable systems are an ideal technological solution to facilitate seamless voice connectivity and ensure a competitive environment, tailored to the needs of any organisation.

With extensive experience in the development of professional technology, Gigaset has reliably designed DECT telephony systems for voice over IP that improve wireless communications, bringing great differential value to companies. This is the case of the N670 IP DECT station, optimised for the management of up to eight simultaneous calls with a unique functionality: it is designed to grow with the company, whether it has decided to expand or requires new extensions.

Thus, thanks to simple deployment and via a licence upgrade, Gigaset’s N670 antenna allows companies to configure it to implement a multi-cell N870 DECT IP solution that further simplifies the implementation of wireless voice communications with maximum security and excellent performance.

The use of this innovative system ensures seamless accessibility in all areas of larger organisations, regardless of their geographical location. The N870 DECT IP is highly effective for organisations with large sites from factories, hotels, warehouse environments or hospitals that require multi-zone installations.

The implemented technology ensures local and cloud-based VoIP communications, providing the company with flexibility for the present and future. In addition, thanks to the Virtual Integrator software in the N870 DECT IP system, the multi-site company can manage the voice infrastructure from a single point and ensure coverage for more than 20,000 users on a single platform. In addition, the system works with Gigaset’s entire range of professional DECT cordless handsets and allows integration with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solutions.

Ultimately, these products provide a DECT communication network for thousands of workers thanks to a software solution that improves voice connections between distributed points. These functionalities consolidate it as a robust system to power digital and wireless communications for the entire workforce in a secure, reliable and flexible way.

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