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11. August 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Monitor the entrance, driveway or garden at your home safely and effectively with the Gigaset outdoor cameraUse the smart outdoor camera with the Gigaset Smart Home system and you’ll always be on the safe side, whether you’re at the office, on vacation or out and about. The new security manager from Gigaset looks after your home sweet home, providing effective protection against intruders and scaring off porch pirates.

When parcels get legs and pirates sneak around the house

Around 14 million parcels and packages on average are delivered every weekday by express and courier services, and the trend is rising. Thanks to coronavirus, online business is booming in Germany. According to the German Parcel and Express Association (BIEK), the number of consignments in 2019 rose to more than 3.5 billion, and the end of the ordering trend is obviously still a long way off. By 2023, the volume of consignments is expected to rise to 4.4 billion. And with it, unfortunately, also a development that is already a sad reality in America under the name “porch piracy”.  Today’s pirates are clever and brazen, they don’t steal gold and jewelry, they steal parcels foolishly left by the delivery service outside the front door if no-one’s home. The parcel pirates adopt skillful tactics. They deceive the neighbors and dress up, as seen in America, as nurses or tradespeople so that no-one becomes suspicious.

That way, they can steal the parcels from outside the front door without drawing any attention. Or they drive right behind the parcel delivery service in their own delivery truck and jump our as soon as the parcels land outside the door. This tactic is so successful that the damage in the U.S. is already in the millions. The reasons for this development, according to experts, is also the Covid pandemic, since people prefer to order online and have everything delivered for fear of getting infected at the supermarket or in stores.

Pirates outside your door

This so-called porch piracy, in other words, stealing parcels left outside people’s front door, has become a widespread phenomenon in the U.S. and is now also taking hold in Germany. “One In Five Americans Have Been Victims Of Porch Pirates Since Start Of Covid-19,” reports the U.S. magazine Greenville. Irrespective of whether the novel coronavirus is reinforcing porch piracy, the theft of parcels in the U.S. has always been a major problem.

According to the New York Times, parcels worth 25 million U.S. dollars are lost through theft and other means. Security.org estimates that almost 40% of Americans have experienced parcel theft in one form or another. “In America alone, 31 percent of respondents in a survey by the logistics company Shorr, said that they had already been victims of parcel theft.”

The annoying thing about it is that people don’t always get their money back when a parcel is stolen. The logistics company’s survey showed that those robbed lost on average 106 dollars through porch piracy. Some 30 percent of the victims of parcel theft didn’t get all of their money back, and less than half said that the thief had been caught.

Despite the increase in parcel thefts, 33 percent of consumers have taken no measures within the last year to prevent parcel theft. Around 35 percent of all occupants who have taken measures opted to receive tracking notifications – the most frequent preventive measure – and only 20 percent installed doorbell cameras, which, however, unlike an outdoor camera only monitor a limited part of the house.

Better safe than sorry – install a surveillance camera

Better safe than sorry, the new outdoor surveillance camera from Gigaset effectively scares off potential intruders and parcel thieves. The mere presence of this camera is enough to deter porch pirates from stealing your parcels outside your front door. But even if something should still happen, you at least have it all on video and hence solid evidence for a police report. If you make recording of someone stealing a parcel, you can let the police know to help them catch the culprits.

Gigaset outdoor camera Mood

Outdoor security cameras are a crucial investment in the protection of your home. The latest surveillance cameras for outdoors combine the practical functions of the Smart Home system with advanced camera technology so that you can also keep an eye on the outdoor area of your home at all times.

Modern surveillance cameras send warnings to your phone when they detect movements, and record videos at night in HD quality, no matter whether it’s raining or snowing outside. They type of surveillance camera you choose depends on the areas that need protection. If you want to monitor the entrance, the garage or the driveway of your home, an outdoor camera is ideal since most of them have HD video and weather-proof properties.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m your third eye. Security manager for outdoors

Gigaset outdoor camera

Die neue Gigaset outdoor camera

You can now also reliably monitor the garden, entrance or garage with the weather-proof Gigaset outdoor camera. In combination with your Gigaset Smart Home alarm system or as a standalone solution, the weather-proof camera reliably warns you about any movement detected. With real-time video transmission, you can always see from your smartphone what’s happening on your property. Thanks to HD quality, even small details are clearly recognizable, while infrared additionally provides clear night vision of up to 15 m.

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