SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH: “The best DECT system – it’s simply reliable!”

21. October 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset stands for customer satisfaction and is demonstrating that once again

Any cyclist and outdoor athlete is acquainted with the German manufacturer SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH. The company, based in Neustadt, sells innovative bicycle computers, lighting, pulse watches and apps. Managed as a family company, SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH looks back at almost 40 years of passion for sport and technology, and constantly inspires its customers with its own outstanding developments. Its product portfolio includes GPS bicycle computers, map navigation, professional training systems, bicycle lighting, and remote controls and displays for e-bikes. To also be out in front in the field of partner and customer communication, SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH has invested, among other things, in further expanding its own customer service, and has found the perfect combination with the Xelion telephone system and the scalable DECT multicell system N870 IP PRO from Gigaset.

Company profile

Almost anyone who owns a bicycle knows SIGMA SPORT. The traditional German company sells bicycle computers and bicycle accessories Made in Germany. The company headquarters of SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH, founded in 1982, is located in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. This is where marketing and sales concepts are developed and then implemented worldwide. Product development, design, service, warehouse and administration are also located at the headquarters in Germany. SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH has 60 employees in administration, 30 in R&D, and 60 in production/logistics. They ensure that everything runs smoothly in the global sales and distribution of its quality products.

Company situation / starting position

Good service is the be-all and end-all for any successful company, to ensure that individual customer needs can always be met. The trust and loyalty of customers are in large part the result of smoothly functioning customer support that always has an open ear for the concerns of consumers, so that they feel well looked after. That’s another reason why it’s all the more important to provide employees with the best technical requirements. That also has top priority for SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH.

To also be competitive in the future, it was therefore important for the company to exchange its existing telephone system – which, by comparison, had at that time offered a rather limited functional scope, and whose full potential could not be exploited as a result – for a more technically diverse system. New standards and a much broader functional scope in top quality were made possible by integrating the Xelion telephone system together with the scalable DECT multicell system N870 IP PRO from Gigaset to offer the best possible after sales service and achieve additional customer satisfaction.

Technical situation

The Xelion telephone system is a software solution with the use of an app featuring functions such as chat, SMS, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams communication. The DECT coverage is especially crucial for smooth compatibility and integration of a cloud-based communication solution combined with an auto-provisioned DECT multicell system. The N870 multicell system from Gigaset both on-premise and cloud-based VoIP communication with the flexibility to adapt quickly to company growth.


Integrating the Xelion telephone system allowed urgently needed functions to be expanded, including wallboards, call center functions, home office integration, and smartphone integration thanks to the one-number concept. After an initial intensive consultation and trouble-free installation by BBCom, the telecommunications system house that supports SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH, the company was able to makes its customer service more efficient, and reduce the number of returns and lead times in customer contact. A significant advantage in this context is call routing to different agents, to strategically minimize waiting times on the hotline. Recording or whispering to improve service quality is another important advantage. As a result, customer satisfaction has hugely improved since the installation thanks to optimally trained service agents.

 “The best DECT system – it’s simply reliable!” – Boris Bernardy (CEO, BBCom)

Gigaset S650H PRO

In all its DECT telephony solutions, BBCom relies solely on products from Gigaset. In SIGMA’s case, a modern multicell DECT system with a total of 10 transmitters and 69 Gigaset S650H PRO handsets was installed in the offices and halls of the end customer. Through this extension, end-to-end telephony reception can be guaranteed throughout SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH.

SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH: “With the new Xelion Cloud communications solution in combination with the auto-provisioned Gigaset N870 IP PRO multicell, we can respond to any customer needs at any time of the week. To offer the best possible service, we needed reliable partners. Gigaset has already demonstrated over the years that it delivers top quality, and we are thrilled with the combination with the new Xelion telephone system.”

BBCom company profile

BBCom is its system house for innovative IT and telecommunications solutions with over 24 years of experience, in particular in conventional telephone systems and state-of-the-art cloud solutions that integrate seamlessly into the customers’ existing infrastructure: whether it’s special solutions in health care, alarm systems and positioning in production, or solutions with maximum flexibility for users at the office, out and about or working from home. Innovative, flexible and always with its finger on the pulse.

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