Made in Germany: Market Launch for Gigaset smart care

30. August 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Just in time for IFA 2018 in Berlin, Gigaset launches the sale of smart care. The new senior citizens assistance system allows elderly people to stay longer in their own home and informs caring relatives reliably about irregularities. Gigaset smart care is based on the technical basis of the proven Smart Home system from Gigaset and the first system of its kind.

“People are getting older and want to keep their self-determined life as long as possible,” says Dirk Kelbch, Head of Smart Home at Gigaset. “We have developed Gigaset smart care for this new generation of senior citizens and their relatives.” The system consists of five universal sensors for windows and doors, two motion detectors and a wireless push-button that serves as an alarm button.

The components communicate wirelessly with the base station. The cloud evaluates the data, places it in a context and compares it with previously set parameters. If there are deviations – for example if the house is left at an unusual time – the Gigaset smart care App will immediately inform relatives by push message. In combination with a senior-friendly DECT telephone, automatic calls to up to four stored telephone numbers are also possible. So senior citizens know that a trusted person is notified quickly and directly whenever necessary. And relatives can be sure that the living family member is doing well.

“At the end of 2015, we dealt with the question of which options Smart Home scenarios can offer for elderly people. In 2016, we transferred these considerations into an extensive field study. We are proud to announce that we are now able to introduce a new product for the consumer market and to be the first supplier on the market with such a solution”, continues Dirk Kelbch.

“For us, Gigaset smart care is much more than just a new product: if elderly people can live longer at home thanks to our technology, we consider this as a valuable social contribution,” adds Gigaset CEO Klaus Weßing.

The technology behind the new Gigaset smart care systems will be presented as part of the IFA 2018 at the DECT FORUM booth. Dirk Kelbch and Edgar Schollmeyer, Product Manager Smart Care, are on-site as contact persons.

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