BILD award: Gigaset is a “Customer King” when it comes to security
5. August 2022

A strong competitive environment, supposed similarity of products or services, and the never-ending battle for customers pose great challenges for companies. It’s therefore important for companies to meet or even exceed their customers’ expectations. That also generates the perception of great customer benefit. A company’s attractiveness as a product or service provider therefore increasingly goes more

Gigaset Prime Time: Get 30% off all Smart Home products with the 2022 summer promotion!
13. July 2022

Already enjoying that summer feeling? With temperatures of up to 30 degrees, dreams of white beaches and crystal-clear water can no longer be suppressed. For many, summer holidays are just around the corner, but despite all the anticipation, many people are also worried about the home they will leave behind while on holiday. Is my more

Efficient, flexible, convenient: Gigaset Smart Home offers intelligent solutions for your own four walls
21. June 2022

Gigaset has operated in the smart home arena since 2012. What began as a security solution was expanded a little later to include convenience and energy management features. Gigaset now offers a versatile, convenient and efficient system for a wide range of different applications. The new explainer video presents its advantages in a few minutes. more

Switch on, measure, save: More convenience with the smart Gigaset Plug 2.0
20. June 2022

The next generation of wireless plugs from Gigaset make your home more convenient, more secure and more economical. Integrated in the Gigaset Smart Home system, the new Gigaset Plug 2.0 with its modern design can be used to switch every device on and off and measure their power consumption – no matter where you happen more

Gigaset picks up award for the third time and remains one of Germany’s favorites
14. June 2022

In cooperation with BILD, the analysis institute ServiceValue asked consumers about their favorite providers in a large-scale study. If customers are satisfied with a service provider or vendor, they will recommend them to others – and recommendations from friends and acquaintances are more important to consumers than ever before. Given the large choice of vendors more

Stay connected in every life situation – with the Gigaset life series
25. May 2022

Have you ever missed a call because the display simply didn’t respond when you touched it? Or had trouble hearing the caller? Or perhaps dialed the wrong number because the keypad is too small? Many people encounter such problems in everyday life. In particular, the elderly or people with special needs have to contend with more

Gigaset is recognised as a highly customer-recommended company by BILD
5. April 2022

A lot has changed in the last two years. Among other things, the buying behaviour of consumers has changed. This was suddenly and for many months almost exclusively shifted to online retail. However, it remains difficult for many consumers to assess the quality of products or services, especially if they have not yet had any more

Gigaset receives German Customer Award 2021/22
7. February 2022

Customer satisfaction, whether in terms of service offering or value for money, is very important for both companies and the customers themselves. If customers are not satisfied, they will neither support nor recommend companies. For this reason, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH (DtGV) investigated in its current survey called “German Customer Award 2021/22” how more

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Gigaset Light Campaign 2021
10. December 2021

After the hustle and bustle of Cyber Weekend, the quiet Advent season is upon us. Advent wreaths are being made, biscuits are being baked and Christmas films are being watched, snow has already fallen in some corners of Germany and the windows and gardens of many houses are being decorated with festive stars and baubles. more

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