Reliable and ingenious: the Gigaset smart thermostat in the press

5. July 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Of course, the heating is having its summer sleep at the moment. We won’t appreciate it again for another couple of months, when we come back from work to a nice, warm home. But that means keeping the heating on all day – which causes high energy costs and isn’t particularly eco-friendly. The remedy is the Gigaset smart thermostat. The smart heating controller ensures the right temperature to suit personal preference – and it can be programmed individually for every day of the week. Various media have taken a closer look at the smart thermostat.

mytrend.org put the smart thermostat through its paces. The portal was especially enthusiastic about how easy it is to install and control – the devices “can definitely be handled by all technology newbies.” The verdict: The smart thermostats impressed all round and were awarded 9 out of 10 points. The smart thermostat was a “sensible addition” as a smart way of controlling the heating, in particular for anyone who already has the Gigaset elements system.

“The pleasure of smart control”

Check-app.de rates the thermostats “technically reliable” and quiet. They also allow “users of older heating systems and tenants to enjoy smart control.” It highlights the fact that they are part of a system solution, in other words, integrated in Gigaset’s Smart Home system, while “the update options set it apart from other thermostats.” The thermostat is therefore an argument in favor of purchasing the “entire system in itself.”

“Ingenious linking of data”

Presse-Augsburg.de regards the smart thermostat as “the perfect extension to the Gigaset Smart Home alarm system.” Alternatively, the Gigaset heating pack offers “a low-cost introduction to smart heating control.” The testers were especially impressed by its simple installation and operation, which – in conjunction with the alarm system – “ingeniously helps link data to enable even smarter control.”

“Also for those with no talent for DIY”

Smart-wohnen.net was won over by the “reliability and, not least, the good haptics” of the thermostats. The editors who tested them were also enthusiastic about how easy they are to handle and install – “even those with no talent for DIY can fit them in a matter of minutes without any mess whatsoever.” Their modern look is also praised: “We liked the easily legible LC display with its amber-colored backlighting. The design also has a modern flair and cuts a good figure on the radiator.”

Given so much praise from the media, it might be worthwhile to think and act anti-cyclically. The Gigaset smart thermostat is available from specialty retailers and on Gigaset’s website. The Gigaset heating pack comes with the necessary base station and three thermostats at an attractive price. Anyone wishing to convert all their radiators can buy Gigaset thermostats in a pack of three. So perhaps it’s worthwhile to upgrade them on warm days. After all, as an old adage runs: “A hot summer is followed by a cold winter.”

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