Protecting smartphones against damage when they’re dropped – a really important issue

1. October 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Smartphone displays are growing in size. Over 50 percent of Germans believe that’s a good thing. Yet a larger display also means a bigger surface that can be scratched or broken – something most of us have experienced. Yet avoiding that is not a big problem at all. Gigaset offers tailor-made solutions for smartphones.

The smartphone is now our constant companion – whether for reading messages, listening to music or checking social networks. Almost half of all Germans take a look at what’s on their phone within 15 minutes of getting out of bed, while that’s the last thing 39 percent do before going to sleep. There’s hardly anywhere where we don’t take our smartphone. Then it can easily happen: You suddenly drop it – on the kitchen tiles, on the pavement or, worst of all, into the bathtub or toilet.

Perfectly tailored smartphone protection from Gigaset

To prevent damage caused by the phone being dropped or sharp objects scratching the display, it’s advisable to buy protective accessories that often offer even more advantages.

  1. Full Display HD Glass Protector: The extremely hardened glass film protects your display against scratches and increases its breaking strength. In addition, the oil- and dirt-repellent coating keeps the surface free of dirt and smears and ensures it’s easy to clean. Despite this protection, the highly-transparent material maintains the clarity of your display as well as its high level of sensitivity. The glass film can be applied to the GS280GS185 , GS180  and the GS100 quickly and without any bubbles.
  2. TOTAL CLEAR Cover: The cover reliably protects a smartphone against knocks, scratches or cracks and prevents the build-up of dust and dirt. Its high rigidity means the material does not stretch and ensures the case grips the smartphone securely. The cover can be ordered for the GS280GS185 , GS180 , GS100.
  3. SMART Book Case: The Book Case protects your smartphone against dirt, dust, scratches and splash water. Its practical stand function allows you to view photos and videos conveniently, for example, on the  GS100, GS180 or GS185  . It can be ordered in a choice of three colors.
  1. Resistant booklet case: The GS270 / GS270 plus is optimally protected against knocks, scratches or cracks by a resistant booklet case.


A clever combination

However, it’s not always enough just to protect the display. If the smartphone falls right on its edge, the display can still break. Its rear also suffers from scratches and being dropped. To avoid that, it’s worth combining the protective accessories and also buying a case and cover. Or opt right away for a bookcase that surrounds the smartphone on all sides.

Is your smartphone still unprotected? You can find the right protective accessories here.


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