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Spending free time on the smartphone

4. August 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Modern smartphones are genuine all-rounders. Most people couldn’t imagine everyday life any more without a smartphone, since there’s practically nothing you can’t do with them. For instance, the smartphone offers the opportunity to stay in contact at all times and anywhere with the family and closest friends. And in the meantime, it has become a comprehensive source of entertainment and knowledge for you to constantly keep on learning. Our daily companion even provides valuable services for our leisure time. Read this post to find out all the things you can do on your smartphone in your free time.

According to a recent Bitkom study, the number of German citizens from the age of 16 using an Internet-enabled mobile phone at the start of 2021 was 79%. The mobile phone is not only used for business activities or communication, but primarily for leisure activities on the go and at home. A fixed feature of the entertainment program for many people in their leisure time are now streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. They can simply be installed as an app on the smartphone via the app store, making favorite series or movies available at all times and on the go. Whether in the doctor’s waiting room, on the train in the morning on the way to work, or even on the lounger by the pool on summer vacation, there’s never a dull moment with the smartphone.

But leisure time isn’t just for lazing about by the pool. Many people use their free time to also educate themselves or read up on subjects that particularly interest them. Internet access turns the smartphone into a very special kind of knowledge source, allowing anyone to educate themselves in their free time without any difficulty. There are lots of online courses, books and portals that even provide knowledge for free, so that every spare minute can be spent constructively on self-improvement. After all, you never stop learning!

What is probably the most obvious feature and a major advantage of modern smartphones are the numerous ways in which people can always keep in touch with friends and family. These days, that’s not just with a phone call or a WhatsApp message, but also via social media, online games, or apps for sports bets among friends. You can use these apps and games to meet up with your own circle of friends for a competition or start a betting community virtually and from anywhere. That’s just as much fun as a joint soccer game or meeting at your favorite bar. With these little all-rounders in our pocket, we, too, can do everything, no matter where we happen to be.

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