DECT roaming among the palm trees – more safety for bathers thanks to Gigaset’s multi-cell systems

2. May 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Suntago Water World is the biggest water parks in Europe. It can hold even 15,000 people a day, offering the chance to enjoy a paradise of real tropical palms, 18 pools,  roar down water slides, saline baths, sauna and Wellness & SPA services. A team of nearly 400 employees and qualified lifeguards take care of the safety of the guests staying at the resort. So that the team can be reached at all times on the campus and rapid aid is on hand in the event of an emergency, a scalable, flexible and reliable communications infrastructure was a must. Gigaset’s partner Netia in Poland recommended the Gigaset N870 IP PRO multi-cell system. 26 base stations cast a comprehensive DECT roaming network over the whole of Suntago, ensuring that all employees can be reached wherever they may be on the grounds. Set of 50 Gigaset R700H PRO handsets are also in use – they are especially rugged and are protected against water, shocks and humidity in compliance with IP65.

Company profile:
The Park of Poland – a company on a growth trajectory

Suntago, the biggest covered water park in Europe, is a part of the Park of Poland project, which includes also Suntago Village accommodation base. It is located only 35 minutes from the center of Warsaw, in Wręcza near Mszczonów. The facility allows you to spend your vacation in Poland in a tropical climate of 32 degrees Celsius, surrounded by more than 740 real palm trees brought from all over the world, thus being a great alternative to going on vacation abroad. The Suntago offers three themed zones – Jamango, Relax with Wellnes & SPA, Saunaria. The last two are available only for guests over 16 years old. Suntago is a place for a few hours as well as for those who want to enjoy the holiday atmosphere even longer. For this group the comfortable accommodation in Suntago Village is designed. There are 92 fully equipped, modern modular cottages with play areas for children, a barbecue area and a reception with a mini deli.

The starting situation:
Difficult structures, challenging environment

Construction of Suntago – comprising reinforced concrete, a lot of glass and reflective surfaces – is a challenge for the telecommunications infrastructure. Employees need to be reached throughout the campus – whether they are in the technical rooms, behind the water slides, in the palm forest in the sauna landscape or in the topical zone. For operational reasons, it was also not always possible to install the base stations at the place defined for them when measurements had been conducted beforehand. What was therefore needed was a particularly flexible system that is nevertheless able to cover all the areas. Great demands were also placed on the handsets: As a constant companion to the lifeguards, they had to have staying power, be rugged and, of course, be water-proof. And given that the Park of Poland will continue to grow in the coming years, its operator wanted a scalable solution that can be expanded quickly and easily.

The solution:
Reachability even in the furthest corner thanks to the DECT multi-cell system

Netia decided in favor of an installation with the Gigaset N870 IP PRO multi-cell system. 26 base stations were distributed over the area to be covered on the basis of propagation calculations. The N870 Integrator software unites them into one large handover domain where users can roam freely without the risk of reception or the connection being lost. The multi-cell system interacts with the Grandstream UCM6208 PBX system at the park. Due to the good and cooperative partnership for several years, Netia asked the Gigaset Professional team in Poland for technical support in system configuration and commissioning. The web-based user interface (IPUI) enables simple mass configurability and makes the administrator’s work easier.  After the base stations had been installed during the construction work, the entire configuration and setup process took just a few hours in the evening. The lifeguards at Suntago are now equipped with the Gigaset R700H PRO. The handset, which was launched just this year (2021), is ideally tailored to Gigaset’s single-cell and multi-cell systems.  Since the device complies with protection class IP65, it is water-repellent and resistant to shocks and scratching – the perfect companion at Suntago Wodny Świat.


“Our lifeguards have to be able to be reached at all times throughout the grounds, since that’s vital to our Visitors’ safety. The installed solution from Gigaset guarantees precisely that. Thanks to the reliable communications infrastructure, we’re on hand to provide rapid aid in the event of an emergency. That’s a good feeling for all our employees.”

Michał Wojtków, IT Manager, Park of Poland

“The multi-cell systems from Gigaset means we can offer our customers a solution even for special challenges like those we faced at Suntago Water World. The N870 IP PRO was simple to install and works seamlessly together with the Grandstream PBX system. As always, the support from the Gigaset PRO colleagues in Poland was professional and uncomplicated.”

Przemysław Musiał, Pre Sales Engineer, Netia

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