Gigaset pro introduces new PBX series: T440 PRO and T640 PRO

8. September 2016 Published by Raphael Doerr

New VoIP telecommunication platforms with a flat licensing model provide a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for SMBs

Gigaset pro is introducing the first two models of a new line of VoIP communication systems, aimed at streamlining communication processes for companies in the growing SMB market. With the new hybrid T440 PRO and T640 PRO and the built-in legacy support, customers can still use their existing ISDN and analogue lines while seamlessly moving into the VoIP and SIP world. In addition, businesses can take advantage of a flat licensing model with no hidden costs, providing them with a future-proof VoIP solution for a very attractive price. In terms of capacity, the T440 communication platform is capable of handling up to 100 devices and 20 parallel calls, while the T640 supports up to 250 devices and 40 parallel calls. All users have access to a highly intuitive web-based user interface for easy management of their calls, voicemail messages, contacts and more.

The new Gigaset PBX platforms integrate seamlessly with all Gigaset pro SIP based desktop phones as well as its business IP DECT solutions. All devices connected to the system are fully auto-provisioned, making the installation and setup simple. With this new platform and the Gigaset pro IP DECT solutions, users can have their DECT handset ring at the same time as their desktop phone, increasing mobility while keeping businesses connected with their customers. All this ultimately results in lower costs per user and the on-premise based approach allows tailored solutions to be realised at an affordable price.

Furthermore, both communication platforms automatically connect incoming calls to the right person or group of people. A configurable, automated attendant makes it possible to offer callers a range of call destinations, for example ‘Choose 1 for sales’. The IP PBX includes a free waiting queue system that informs the caller about their position in the queue. Companies have the option of replacing the standard music while on hold with their own audio files. Moreover, the advanced voicemail system is accessible from outside the office, and messages can be sent as audio attachments to a smartphone. The administrator also has the option of configuring the users’ main screen, to suit their personal requirements, and the user interface is automatically scalable and adapts quickly to any screen size, from smartphone to desktop screen.

The T440 PRO and T640 PRO support various telephone directories. Users are able to use any Gigaset pro device to access their own phone directory. With the configurable web interface, important contacts are always at their fingertips.

“In the current fast-paced business world we live in, flexibility is essential,” says Thomas Kopowski, Product Manager VoIP at Gigaset pro. “The Gigaset T440 PRO and the T640 PRO let companies adapt quickly to changing environments and meet growing communications requirements. The IP PBX is scalable, which is key, especially when SMBs start to expand and need to hire new staff. With the flat licensing model and the built-in smart migration concept, the cost per user as well as the TCO is very low. If you also take into account the user-friendliness of the intuitive interface, you can be sure that your Gigaset pro communication system is ready for the future.”

As an outlook, Gigaset pro is already working on further enhancements and expansion of the current portfolio of business telephone systems for SMBs. A complete Unified Communications solution supporting Windows Servers and Clients is planned for the next months, along with a huge list of CRM systems which can be addressed by the UC Client.

Gigaset T440 PRO

  • Modern communication server with up to 100 end devices and voicemail server
  • Highly intuitive user interface for ultimate convenience
  • Up to 15 conference call delegates
  • Up to 20 simultaneous calls
  • Carrier-grade hardware
  • Intelligent call handling
  • Integration of fixed line, mobile and Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Integrated fax server
  • Automatic phone provisioning for Gigaset pro devices
  • Full integration with Gigaset pro UC Suite (CTI)

The Gigaset T640 PRO adds the following:

  • Modern communication server with up to 250 end devices and voicemail server
  • Up to 40 simultaneous calls
  • Up to 20 conference call delegates
  • Build in analog ports (FXO)

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