Gigaset T480HX – First Cordless IP Desktop Phone for the Home Office

6. September 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset takes communication at the home office to a new level with the T480HX. The cordless desktop phone connects up to any DECT-capable router, thus achieving certified HD voice quality. With its clear display, eight speed dial keys and headset connection, it is deal for work at the desk. Embodying state-of-the-art communications technologies, it gives anyone at the home office the feeling of being a whole lot closer to their colleagues in the office.

The value of flexible working models is readily called into question – especially when a colleague in their home office is cut off again from the telephone conference or can hardly be understood due to the poor quality of the line. Of course, people can also work well from home – with the right equipment. Mobile reception is not stable everywhere in the house, which means the quality of the connection varies sharply. Yet many home office workers only have a mobile phone to communicate with the office. The Gigaset T480HX is the perfect fixed-line phone for working from home – an IP device offering all the advantages of a desktop phone, but without the annoying cables and with a voice quality as if you were in the same room as your colleagues.

Sounds so close you think you’re there

A high-speed Internet connection is now a must for working from a home office. And that is the main condition for using a high-end IP phone. When connected cordlessly to a DECT-capable router, the T480HX plays its biggest trump card: its unbeatable HD voice quality with a far larger bandwidth than a normal phone. Employees at their home office can be contacted at any time and always understood crystal clear by their team over the absolutely stable fixed network. They can reach colleagues simply by pressing one of the eight programmable speed dial keys. And because a headset can be connected, either by Bluetooth or a professional RJ9 jack, their hands are free when they phone. The 2.8” TFT display and central 5-way navigation key enable intuitive access to all the functions of the T480HX. The optional keypad lock with PIN protection also prevents the device from being used by children or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Incidentally, the T480HX relieves users of one technical worry from the word go: Like all models in the HX universal handset series, it supports the DECT and CAT-iq 2.0 wireless standard and is compatible with all common routers, including Telekom’s Speedport and AVM’s FRITZ!Box.

Swap your home office for the patio

The T480HX helps draw a clear dividing line between work and private life. If further handsets are connected to the same router or DECT base station, phone numbers can be assigned for incoming and outgoing calls. For example, the handset in the home office always rings in response to calls from the company’s number, but all other calls are taken by the other handsets in the household. And because the T480HX needs no telephone socket, but only a power connection, work calls can be made from the patio or conservatory now and again.

From A for Allen to Z for Zimmermann

Rapid access to well-maintained entries in a telephone book is a key factor in working efficiently and successfully – and that goes for the home office, too. The address book of the T480HX uses the vCard format, just like Outlook or Google Contacts, which makes updating contacts far easier. The device remembers up to 500 names with data such as phone numbers and e-mail and postal addresses. The details are transferred quickly and easily by USB or Bluetooth using the free software Gigaset QuickSync. The T480HX can also read a router’s internal telephone books, meaning that every end-user device in the network has the same contacts.

The universal desktop phone Gigaset T480HX is now on sale from retailers at the RRP of €179.99.


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