The best of both worlds: DECT technology in a desktop design

5. June 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Our world is cordless. Just think about it. Every day and everywhere, we use headsets, smartphones, GPS devices and notebooks, making our life easier. The same is true for the business environment, where cordless keyboards and mice dominate the desks, and we communicate on Bluetooth headsets or DECT handsets to maintain maximum flexibility at all times. So it’s hardly surprising that employees have high standards when it comes to the number of physical connections on their desk. Today, it’s all about DECT and mobile communication. The future belongs to the cordless office, and business communication take place not only at the desk, but practically everywhere in and around the office.

But DECT and mobile communications are not the only ways in which employees and companies communicate. Anyone who works with a desktop phone knows the many important advantages of this type of device. From powerful functions functions to top sound quality, desktop phones benefit business communication in many respects. Apart from their sleek design, which makes desktop phones ideal for prestigious settings like conference rooms and boardrooms.

The question is: Are desktop phones suitable for every situation and every place? What if users prefer the form of a desktop telephone, but the IT department wants simple maintenance and installation in every situation? How do we help both sides? By combing both worlds and putting the benefits of cordless telephony in a desktop housing. That’s exactly what we did with the new Maxwell C. This cordless desktop telephone with a corded receiver can be integrated into an existing communication environment. Cordless connectivity lets it easily link to any single or multicell DECT system. That offers companies and users a variety of benefits:

The flexibility of a DECT device

Some business environments are characterized by lots of internal relocations between departments, floors or desks. The Maxwell C is connected to a single or multicell DECT device, which means all users need to do is plug the power adapter cable into the phone and it’s ready to use – just as they would do with a standard charger or their DECT handset. Costs for installing additional Ethernet connections in the work areas are therefore a thing of the past. The device can be easily transported between desks and floors.

Best quality and functions

Along with the flexibility of DECT, the user also benefits from the numerous functions of a desktop telephone. Take the 2.8” TFT display of the Maxwell C, for example. It offers intuitive operation and a clear layout, even from different angles and a greater distance. Programmable speed-dial and navigation keys guide users through all the settings and functions such as call forwarding, speed dial and handsfree mode. Everything to make business communication easier.

Cordless connectivity

Whether you’re in the office, warehouse or hotel, there’s no guarantee that an Ethernet connection is available. This is where the Maxwell C makes its grand entrance: Users connect the device with their DECT system and only need a 230 V line. The same goes for users working from home. Using the Maxwell C in conjunction with a new or existing single-cell DECT system, you can have an extra work phone line at home in no time.

Suitable for every business environment

Every company needs a customized communication solution. Because the Maxwell C can be integrated into almost any business environment, it helps meet a wide range of communication needs. Consider a warehouse or workshop where users need a main telephone but don’t have an Ethernet connection. Or a hotel or mail room, where several users share one device. Because a cordless handset can be removed from the room by mistake, a desktop device is the better option.

Our Maxwell C is the bridge between cordless handsets – in a single or multicell environment – and our Maxwell SIP desktop telephones. The device combines the main functions of desktop and DECT. All to meet the needs of modern companies and users in a cordless, flexible world.

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