DECT Technology with Desktop Appearance

The Best of both Worlds. Why DECT Technology with Desktop Appearance is the next big Thing

5. June 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

The world around us is wireless. Just think about it. We use headsets, smartphones, GPS units and laptops wherever we go and on a daily basis, making our lives so much easier. This also goes for business environments, where a wireless keyboard and mouse dominate the desks and we communicate via Bluetooth headsets or DECT handsets, for optimal flexibility on the floor. That’s why it’s not surprising that employees make high demands on the amount of physical network connections on their desk. It’s all about DECT and mobile communication nowadays. The cordless office is the office of the future, and business communication is taking place not only behind the desk, but everywhere in and near the office.

But DECT and mobile communication aren’t the only ways in which employees and businesses communicate nowadays. Anyone who works with a desktop telephone knows that this type of device offers various important advantages. From powerful features to high definition audio quality: desktop phones support professional business communication in multiple ways. Not to mention the stylish design that makes a desktop telephone perfect for prestige environments, including conference rooms and boardrooms.

The question is: Are desktop phones suitable for every situation or location? And what if users prefer the shape of a desktop phone, but the IT department prefers easy maintenance and installation in every situation? How do we support them both? By combining both worlds, and by merging the advantages of cordless telephony in a desktop housing. That’s exactly what we did with the new Maxwell C. This cordless desktop telephone with corded handset can be integrated within an existing business communications environment. It easily connects to any single cell or multicell DECT system via wireless connection. This offers various advantages for businesses and end users:

The flexibility of a DECT device

Some business environments are characterized by a lot of internal movements – between departments, floors or desks. By connecting the Maxwell C to a single cell or multicell DECT device, end users only need to connect a net adapter cable to the telephone to be up and running, just like they do for the standard charger of their DECT handset. Therefore, investing in the installation of extra ethernet outlets on the shop floor is history. The device can be moved easily between desks and floors.

Optimal quality and features

In addition to the flexibility of DECT, the end user also benefits from the extensive features of a desktop telephone. Take for example the 2.8″ TFT display of the Maxwell C. It offers intuitive operation and a clear overview, even from various angles or large distances. Programmable direct dial keys and navigation keys offer end users guidance through all their desired settings and features like call forwarding, speed dial and handsfree calling. Everything to support business needs.

Wireless connection

Whether you work in an office, warehouse or hotel: it’s not self-evident that you always have an ethernet connection. That’s where the Maxwell C comes in. End users connect the device to their DECT system and all they need is a 220 volt plug as energy supplier for the device. The same goes for end users working from a home office. With the Maxwell C combined with a new or existing single cell DECT system, they easily create an extra business telephone line at home.

Suitable for every business environment

Every business requires its own custom communications solution. Since the Maxwell C can be integrated in almost every business environment, it helps to fulfill a multitude of communications needs. Take for example a warehouse or garage, where one central telephone is needed but an ethernet connection might be absent. Or a hotel or mailroom, where multiple users jointly use one device. Since they might accidently take a cordless handset with them, a desktop device is the best option.

Our Maxwell C is the bridge between cordless handsets – in a single cell or multicell environment – and our Maxwell SIP desktop phones. The device combines the key features of desktop and DECT. Everything to support the needs of modern businesses and end users in a wireless, flexible world.

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