The Desktop Phone: the Dashboard for your Business

27. April 2017 Published by Raphael Doerr


The first thing that meets the eye of any telephone is its designed hardware; the shape, the color. Just like the first impression of a car. Few people are aware of the hidden force under the ‘hood’: software. Just like mobile phones, desktop telephony has made a huge development the past few years. It offers far more than just answering and forwarding calls. It can become the dashboard of any organization, made to integrate with other devices, programs and gadgets. Jürgen Stahl, Project Manager Software at Gigaset: “the dashboard is ready, are you ready to get on board?”

Innovation and integration

Gigaset has a long history, more than 160 years, in engineering telecommunications solutions, manufacturing devices and consumer electronics. A phone nowadays can do so much more than 160 years ago. Jürgen Stahl: “I am surprised that most people still have a legacy phone next to high-tech devices. The endless possibilities of today’s software enables integration of fixed telephony with business programs and applications. In this way your telephone, local or from the cloud, is an extension of your business.”

Joined forces

At Gigaset there is always a specialized team of developers in place, to develop the latest features. If necessary with specialized third parties. “The Maxwell 10 is a perfect example of cross functional teamwork that resulted in a phone that meets the needs of modern business,” said Stahl. “Not only from the outside, but especially from the inside. This HD video telephone with a 10-inch touchscreen, Android operating system and the included Internet connectivity is ideal for meeting rooms. The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it child’s play to transfer multiple calls to the right people simultaneously. The forces of multiple specialists were joined to create this innovative desktop phone and I am proud to be part this.”

Extremely customer driven

“Without a proper, compatible and secure software platform, a clear and easy to use interface, regular updates and patches, resellers will not sell a telephone and companies will not buy it or stop using it,” continues Stahl. “It is up to us to make sure end users optimally leverage the functionality of our devices. That is why we are always open to feedback and regularly provide updates. Keeping close contact with our customers, resellers and end-users, allows us to stay ahead of the competition, to uphold and raise our quality standards and to stay truly innovative. As a result, Gigaset pro devices are optimally adaptable to any business environment, from a reception desk in a fancy hotel to a pocket of a warehouse employee.”


Another important part of software development is to create a phone that is easy to install. Gigaset pro developed solutions based on software which ensures all phones will be auto provisioned, just like the old days. Plug it in and the system behind coordinates your settings. For this certifications are key with the leading platforms in the world. Gigaset pro is on top to ensure this compatibility at any level. For us, for the channel who is reselling, but especially for the end user who is relying on us while doing his daily business. So we take care by developing for them; ‘because it’s your business’.

Under the hood

“The complexity of software development is hidden to end users. To configure a device, there are about 1,500 parameters. The effect on the ease of use however is minimal,” according to Stahl. “You want to keep the user interface as easy and intuitive as possible. This brings daily variety and challenge along with it. If people would like to use all 150 plus features on a phone, then it is possible. If you want to use the main five percent of the functionality, then you are an expert on a Gigaset pro phone in just five minutes. It goes without saying, that we are adamant about our strong focus on optimum interoperability, security, easy implementation and usability. All to bring your business to the next level.”

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