The perfect Desk is a clean Desk

21. September 2017 Published by Raphael Doerr


For any office worker, two things are important: having the right tools at his desk, and having the right ones when walking around the office. In earlier days, this could require various separate tools. Today, integration between your phone and your computer enables you to work efficiently and effectively at your desk, but also in other places around the office with cordless or mobile phones.

Connected to personal details

How do you benefit from your connected desk? With tools as computer and phone linked. Making calls is easy as you have all your contacts readily available on your screen. If you are using a CTI program, you can just click on the number and your desktop, cordless or smartphone will ring. Just accepting the call is putting you in direct contact with the other party. Add a headset and you can type and talk.

In addition, you have all the contact details at hand that you need. Think of name, address, professional details, e-mail addresses or history with your company. All this information also helps to make efficient and personal calls, especially if you are in sales or marketing and contact with customers is your core business.

Integrated desk

New technologies will make you more mobile. Increasingly, organizations adopt a flexible desk approach. This means, employees come in every morning and find a place for themselves to work. With an connected approach, they just log-in to the company network and pin-in with the on-desk devices. With this Hot-Desking function immediately all is synchronized, providing them with all the centrally stored data they need to do their job. Need flexibility? Take your cordless- or smartphone along to meetings and stay connected. The incoming calls follow you while away from the desk as it sets your status to ‘away’ in the system because of your Outlook meeting appointment. This integrates databases, your agenda, computer and phone of your choice at the right moment while you are in control.

Clean desk

A key element to any organization, desk or individual is a clean desk. Imagine you have lots and lots of paper on the desk, a couple of pens, a computer with separate screen, a phone, your Starbucks coffee, and fruits. Any individual will be distracted to do the job just right and without mistakes. The key element is to clean up. A flex office forces anyone to clean up. Dedicated desks clearly not, because ‘I leave it behind, so I can continue tomorrow’. In fact, many employees forget that some of the documents can contain confidential information. Plus, where do you think the cleaner will clean the desk? Exactly, around your stuff.

The perfect fit

All of this boosts internal and external collaboration. Obviously, there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach for the integrated desk. Especially your choice of phone depends strongly on the environment you are working in. There is quite a difference if you are working in a hospital, factory, or administrative setting. In a hospital or factory environment you will need a more ruggedized type of cordless device, compared to an administrative setting where a desktop phone fits best. Therefore, think carefully about what you will need in your day to day work. One thing is sure: with an integrated approach, you can create the perfect desk, supporting you in all your tasks. And remember: keep it clean.

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