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Total concentration: The best focus apps

25. August 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Unfinished household chores, the children or even the TV distract your attention when you’re working from home. And in the office, it’s the latest stories from colleagues, Facebook or the constant temptation of coffee. And no matter where you are, as digitalization increases, so too do the opportunities to be get distracted – especially through social media. Chat apps and the constant availability of media content are to blame. But digitalization also offers ways out of this unwanted distraction. So here we present the best focus apps for the smartphone.

The best focus apps no. 1: Purrli

All cat lovers know it: Tabby’s purring makes you happy. Yet very few people are aware that the low-frequency, evenly vibrating sound can do much more. Purring supports healing processes and not only for the hairy feline producing the sound – we humans also benefit. And it increases concentration and productivity.

So it’s great that there’s now a virtual purring puss. Purrli is a web app that produces the typical cat sound. The volume and type of purring are easy to control. Our tip: Use it with good headphones or speakers so that the full range of the feel-good sound comes across!

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The best focus apps no. 2: White Noise Free

It seems strange to turn on extra noise when you’re trying to concentrate. But what can you say? It helps! That’s why our second tip is the focus app White Noise Free. It offers over 50 monotonous soundscapes – what is termed white noise. From indefinable background noise, mechanical sounds like those of fans, to sounds of nature like those of waves or streams, it’s all there. And you can even create your own mix – for example, street sounds during summer rain. That makes it easier to mentally block out distracting nose

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The best focus apps no. 3: Endel

One of the most amazing focus apps is Endel. It plays the right sound to match the user’s mood. It uses artificial intelligence and also data such as location, environmental information and heart rate to do that. The result is a customized, personalized soundscape. All you have to do is choose what you want the app to help you with: sleeping, exercising, or – as in this case – concentrating. There’s also a mode that claims to reduce anxiety. That’s good for helping you be clearly focused for important meetings you’re a little nervous about.

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The best focus apps no. 4: MyBrainTraining

You can not only train your muscles, but also your brain – for example with MyBrainTraining. The app has even been tested and recommended by Ryuta Kawashima, a well-known neuroscientist from Japan. In 30 playful exercises, you can use it to strengthen your ability to concentrate. And it’s just as much fun as it is beneficial. So download it now and rev up your brain cells!

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The best focus apps no. 5: Headspace – Mindful Meditation

Meditating helps many people stay focused. That’s why we simply had to include a meditation app in this list of the best focus apps. Advanced users and beginners will find courses and exercises here: for relaxation, for meditation, for more mindfulness – and to enhance your focus. Free playlists with music also help you concentrate. Headspace itself claims that over 70 million people already meditate using the app – a good reason to give it a try yourself.

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Put away the smartphone once in a while

Smartphone apps can be excellent aids in improving your concentration. Nevertheless, you should also put your smartphone away now and again. After all, there are many other ways to enhance your ability to concentrate offline. They include a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough breaks. For anyone who can play an instrument, here’s an extra tip: Play it more often. That’s has been proven to strengthen your ability to concentrate.

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