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Update Solution Malware Smartphones

9. April 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr


This information is no longer up to date. You can find the latest article on the topic here!

In the context of potentially unwanted apps on some older smartphones of the GS100, GS160, GS170, GS180, GS270 (plus) as well as GS370 (plus) series, we have recently provided a proposed solution for affected customers.

During the course of Friday (09.04.2021), it became apparent that the described solution did not lead to the complete removal of the unwanted apps on some devices. Accordingly, we recommend that affected customers completely clear the device by resetting it to factory settings. We also recommend deleting data stored on a memory card inserted in the smartphone and formatting the card.

If problems still occur after this procedure, we advise affected customers to contact Gigaset Customer Service [phone +49 (0)2871 912 912, at your provider’s landline rate] to send in the device for further analysis.

We regret any problems our customers may have experienced and will keep you informed of any updates.

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