Volla Phone launches partner initiative for greater data protection

30. November 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Following the successful launch of the Volla Phone and Volla Phone X in cooperation with Gigaset and UBports, the German start-up “Hallo Welt Systeme” from Remscheid is announcing new partnerships to enable greater data protection for its Volla Phones. New features are the search engines Startpage and MetaGer and the e-mail service StartMail.

The start-up “Hallo Welt Systeme” pitches its Volla Phones at consumers looking for an alternative to products from big-tech companies. As part of that, it sets store by partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations. The partners include Gigaset as the hardware manufacturer, the UBports Foundation for the open source operating system Ubuntu Touch, and the VPN provider hide.me. The Volla Phone differs from common mobile phones in that it does away with everything that distracts the user. The focus is on protecting privacy and on ease of use.

After unlocking the device, users are taken immediately to the system’s “springboard,” which is equipped with an intelligent text field. The springboard of Volla OS is the quick way to start all important everyday functions on the Volla Phone. They also include Internet searches. Users can now choose between various search engines. “Hallo Welt Systeme” has teamed up with two strong search engine partners – Startpage and MetaGer – who not only protect privacy uncompromisingly, but also deliver added value in terms of quality.

The company behind the Startpage search engine is Startpage BV from the Netherlands. The engine sends search queries to Google in anonymized form and so accesses the Google index without using an IP address, user ID or tracking cookies or saving the search history.

The German metasearch engine MetaGer, which has been operated by the non-profit association SUMA e. V. since 2004, is unlike the market leaders in that it combines multiple search indexes as the data source for a search query. They include in particular the search index from Bing, as well as from media such as ZEIT ONLINE and new, innovative alternatives like the peer-to-peer search service from yacy.net.

Finally, StartMail became a Volla Phone partner just a few weeks ago. StartMail is a secure e-mail service that has likewise been developed by Startpage. The web application makes the use of military-grade encryption with the tried-and-proven, open PGP standard as simple as can be. The company from the Netherlands thus offers convenient and state-of-the-art encryption and technology for e-mails. “Hallo Welt Systeme” aims to offer all Volla Phone users uncompromising protection of their privacy in digital communication with StartMail.

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