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Just what is ECO DECT and why is it so important?

11. September 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Year after year. the issue of radiation from mobile phones, smartphones and cordless phones never fails to hit the headlines. Right now, many people are asking how dangerous this radiation is, mainly in light of the current discussion about expansion of the 5G network. The very term “radiation” sounds dangerous, and some may even associate it with radioactivity. Yet many are unaware that there has been a safe and low-radiation standard, at least in cordless telephony, for years. Today’s article is therefore about ECO DECT.

ECO DECT, which Gigaset played a major part in developing, is a tried-and-tested, environmentally friendly technology for fixed-line and cordless phones that has proven its worth for many years now. It cuts power consumption by devices and ensures variable reduction of their transmitting power.

The advantages of ECO DECT at a glance

  • 60% less power consumption: Thanks to an energy-saving power supply unit, Gigaset phones with ECO DECT use 60% less electricity than conventional cordless phones from Gigaset.
  • Reduced transmitting power: The transmitting power between the handset and base station is reduced to virtually zero with some Gigaset ECO DECT models when the handset is docked in the base station (if only one handset is registered).
  • ECO mode: Selected models also offer ECO mode, which reduces the base station’s transmitting power by 80% (compared with when ECO mode is not enabled or to conventional Gigaset cordless phones), even if multiple handsets are used and if the handset is not docked in the base station.
  • ECO Plus mode: The transmitting power is cut by 100% in standby mode, even if multiple handsets are registered.
  • Adjustment of the transmitting power: All low-radiation Gigaset phones with ECO DECT automatically reduce the handset’s transmitting power to reflect the distance it is from the base station.

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Further questions about ECO DECT

What is new about ECO DECT?

For many years now, the transmitting power of Gigaset’s DECT handsets has been adjusted automatically on the basis of their distance from the base station. If the handset is up to five meters away, for example, the transmitting power is reduced by approximately 75%. This technology complements adjustment of the handsets’ transmitting power.

How can I tell whether a device has ECO DECT?

The packaging for Gigaset’s ECO DECT phones has a specially developed ECO DECT logo on it to indicate that the product has this feature.

Are ECO DECT phones more expensive than normal phones?

No. A Gigaset ECO DECT phone does not cost more. The feature is offered as standard on Gigaset phones in all price categories – we stand out from many competitors in that regard.

Is phoning with ECO DECT safe?

Yes, all Gigaset products do not present any health hazard. International limits for radio waves are prescribed by the government to ensure that there are no risks. Gigaset’s phones are well below these limits. The World Health Organization provides further information on the discussion about radio waves and health.

There is no evidence to date that radio waves from DECT phones are harmful. Nevertheless, Gigaset is committed to equipping its phones with features to enable automatic or manual reduction of the transmitting power – and ECO DECT technology guarantees that.

Does ECO DECT impair the phone’s performance?

No, phones with the new ECO DECT technology offer the same outstanding performance you are accustomed to from all Gigaset phones. When you select ECO mode, you manually reduce the range between the base station and handset by 50%, in other words, to 25 meters in buildings and 150 meters outdoors.

Are ECO DECT phones environmentally friendly?

Yes. Gigaset pledges that all steps involved in making and disposing of ECO DECT and ECO broadband products are as eco-conscious and resource-conserving as possible. That begins with the stable design that saves material and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The company uses cutting-edge machines, and all packaging and residual materials are systematically separated and recycled.

In the area of logistics, we focus on using environmentally friendly means of transport, such as rail or ship, and efficient utilization of cargo space. Our service is also geared toward protecting the environment: We avoid unnecessary replacement of faulty individual parts and devices, and instead offer our customers a personalized repair service. Finally, all electrical and electronic waste is disposed of properly.

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